A study carried out by ANFAAC (National Association of Pet Food Manufacturers) deduces that in Spain there are more than 28 million pets . In the last decade there has been an extraordinary rise that has meant that more than 40% of Spanish households have a pet.
And among all those pets the most popular is the dog. Without a doubt, it is the favorite animal in our country (with a total of 6,733,097 according to the ANFAAC census in 2021), although in number the fish (8,619,298), the birds (6,991,298) are really on the podium. ) and in third place the dogs. Cats are in fourth place (3,795,139)and then small mammals and reptiles with almost 3 million animals.
In relation to dogs, the pattern has already changed and smaller dogs have become more popular in urban life, although if we talk about the most popular breeds, in Spain they are these, according to Veterinary Management Studies: Most popular

dog breeds popular in Spain

-Yorkshire terrier: It is a small breed product of the combination of Scottish and English terriers. Its weight does not usually exceed 3.2 kg and, despite falling within the category of company dog, it has a restless and very active temperament. He also has a strong personality, loves to be the center of attention and is very intelligent.It has a high life expectancy, living up to 17 years.

-German Shepherd: This breed is large, weighs up to 40 kilos, lives up to approximately 10 years and are extremely intelligent, obedient, curious, loyal, brave and protective dogs . They are very good to be with family and children. Spain loves this breed and although they do not usually have many health problems, it is important to take them to the vet to monitor their hips, as they are prone to dysplasia.

-Labrador retriever: They are very intelligent, calm, delicate, sociable and protective dogs.. They adapt to any situation and their good character makes them one of the best breeds for children. It can be light, brown or black in color, has a life expectancy of about 10 to 12 years and is the most popular breed in the world.

-French Bulldog: The French bulldog is a bright, affectionate and charming breed. He doesn’t bark much, but he is an excellent guard dog.It does not need much exercise and gets along well with other animals. Their adaptability and activity level makes them ideal for living in an apartment.

-Cocker:It is a medium-sized dog that needs motivation for its training. This beautiful dog needs special care for its fur and ears, since due to its physical characteristics it could have problems if it does not have adequate attention. The cocker, with a strong character and a great personality, is a great friend for children.

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