Marines board an aircraft in an image taken at the Moron base in April 2015.

Marines in Moron: another Mister Marshall

Trinidad Perdiguero
The presence of the contingent has had a negligible impact on the base environment. If you are worried that your departure will be used as an excuse for further cuts in civilian personnel: 350 workers.
A young mother and her son watch the aircraft at the Moron military base.

CSIF warns that the transfer of 800 marines could jeopardize civilian employment at the Moron

RP base
The union central defends that there is work in the facilities so that no one leaves.
Marine maneuvers at the Moron base.

The US reduces its presence at the Moron

Fernando Perez Avila base
The Pentagon reorganizes its forces for operations in Africa and transfers 850 Marines and eight planes from Spain to Italy. The US defends that the decision is purely tactical and has no political background. .
Base Moron military base.

The US describes the relationship with Spain as “vital” despite the transfer of troops from Moron to Italy

Washington reiterates its commitment to maintain its military presence in Spain. The US transfers its rapid response troops in Africa from Moron to Italy.
Military Base
Access to the Moron military base.

The United States transfers its rapid response military force in Africa

DR from the Moron base to Italy
The company committee sees with “concern” the possible extension of the bilateral agreement. Defense allocates ten million euros to improve the facilities of the Moron military base.
The current installations of Angel Camacho Alimentacion on the branch line from Espartinas to Umbrete.

The last dressing company in Espartinas plans to move the bulk of its

TP plant to Moron
. 73 residents of Aljarafe work at the facilities of Angel Camacho Alimentacion. The mayors of Umbrete and Espartinas meet with the director, who alleges losses due to Covid and the rise in electricity to unify their production.
A patrol car of the National Police.

Seized 100 kilos of plants and 1,200 marijuana buds in two farms in Moron

The National Police detained three people in two different operations.
House where the disappeared child from Moron lived

The mother of the disappeared child in Moron, admitted to the Valme

hospital The woman is hospitalized in the psychiatric unit and, if she is discharged, she will have to appear fortnightly before a court. The mother of the disappeared minor in Moron is released with charges.
The house where the disappeared minor resides in Moron de la Frontera.

The mother of the missing minor in Moron

RS is released with charges.
The woman suffers from a mental illness, while the Police continue to search for the child. A month after the disappearance of the boy from Moron, everything is unknown.
The Interprovincial motocross closed the season in Moron de la Frontera.

The Huelva-Sevilla-Cadiz Interprovincial Motocross Championship already knows its winners

Francisco Jose Palmas and David Salas from Huelva, champions in MX4 and 50 Automatic.

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