The President of the Board, Juanma Moreno, assured this Thursday that the 20,000 professionals hired to reinforce the Andalusian public health system during the coronavirus pandemic “are not going to go to the streets.”
Moreno has adopted this commitment during the parliamentary session to control the Government, after the spokeswoman for the socialist group, Angeles Ferriz , asked him twice if his Executive “is going to put these toilets out on the street on October 31, when their contracts end.
“He has plenty of money to hire them; if these professionals leave it will be very difficult to get them back,” Ferriz had warned him, who today asked the president of the Board for explanations about the situation of Andalusian public health.
“If hiring is not reinforced, they will be putting the finishing touches on public health”, he underlined after accusing the Andalusian Government of doing “absolutely nothing” to avoid the “deterioration” of health , which means “continuing to open wide open the doors for some to do business with health”.
The socialist spokeswoman, who met with union representatives from the sectoral table, has reproached Moreno for not wanting to “see reality” and has urged him to sit down with the unions.

He has also accused him of “lying” when he announced that face- to-face care in health centers
would be recovered on October 1 , and he has denounced that the strategic plan for primary care is not known to health professionals.
“They have turned nurses into mere gatekeepers of health centers,” she denounced, while recalling some of the demands raised by health unions and medical associations.
Ferriz has asked the Andalusian Government to withdraw the strategic plan, convene the sector table and “immediately come to the rescue of primary care”.
According to the socialist leader, the Government of Juanma Moreno is “the only one responsible for having generated a health gap in Andalusia between those who can pay for private health and those who cannot”.
“In that moderate disguise that he has, holes are coming out through which insensitivity sneaks in,” he emphasized before lamenting that Moreno “hasn’t listened for too long.”

Moreno defends his management

The Andalusian president has reproached the socialist spokesperson for demanding that the current government “solve” what the previous executives could not “foresee” in 37 years, and has added: “It has cost your group to recognize that it does not they paid the toilets enough and that they were not doing things right.
For Moreno, the PSOE does not make a “useful” or “responsible” opposition because it is “exaggerated.”
“What do you want
That we recover the cuts made by the socialist governments
, the abandoned hospitals such as the Military or the one on the Costa del Sol
, the 7,700 professionals who were thrown out into the street
,” he snapped.
Regarding primary care, he recalled that the National Government and the autonomous communities agreed on October 1 to approve a specific action plan , and he assured that all the autonomous communities, including the socialists, agreed that “there is a very serious problem in the whole of Spain”.
“It is a national problem because there are no professionals and we cannot invent them overnight,” he justified.

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