The last episode of Commissioner Montalbano was broadcast on 8 March 2021 on Raiuno. We got to see a great change of the protagonist, who has embarked on a sentimental path not shared by the Fans. We talked about it in this article which, once shared on our social networks, triggered a shower of comments and reflections. Among the many positions found, we can say that at least 1 out of 2 is in disagreement with this ending. This contrary position has been taken by many more women, disappointed by the “weakness” of one of the most beloved male characters. The comments on Montalbano
Inspector Montalbano is one of the most followed TV series on Rai 1 ever. The stories inspired by the books of Andrea Camilleri and the skill of gypsy etti, have given life to a complex and beloved character. On March 8, the last episode of the series was broadcast, which saw Inspector Montalbano approaching the new character of Silvia sentimentally, leaving her beloved livia after 25 years during a cell phone call. Everyone talked about it, even Gramellini on the “corriere della sera”. We too have had the opportunity to comment on the latest episode, triggering a strong reaction from fans on our social networks. Fans on our social networks
It is known that when a TV series is very popular, fans feel the need to share their thoughts on it on social networks. Thus, on our pages of Libreriamo, the last episode of Inspector Montalbano was commented on. A rain of almost 700 comments among faithful readers and disappointed women and passionate fans. The splits are different but definitely 1 in 2 and in total disagreement. Here are some of the most salient and particular comments.
Read the novel, if I remember correctly it mirrored the original story. However he had already betrayed … I never liked the character of Livia so happy with this epilogue. (Paola C.)
Very disappointing … Too bad … A character, even if selfish, faithful and sincere … Suddenly homologated like many others and with adolescent behavior
… ! In my opinion, however, the author has redeemed himself in a certain sense: it seemed strange to me that someone like Camilleri could conceive up to the end a relationship like this … accommodating and accommodating! I approve of the ending..which then cmq remains partly pending .. (Floriana C.)
Livia certainly did not deserve to be “liquidated” with a phone call. But Livia is a “non-character”, a presence-absence, without too much sense. She was fine because she left space. Perhaps it was time for her passion and, at least in fiction, she can be forgiven and appreciated. Except, with Livia, she never got it right. Perhaps a banal and hasty ending, always better than “Riccardino”, which I still haven’t digested, despite the fact that I love Camilleri. (Chiara R.) Montalbano wins ratings on Rai 1 but the ending makes the fans argue
The last episode of Inspector Montalbano was broadcast last night. The ratings reach the stars but the ending has divided the opinion of the fans.
It was time! I was very tired of Livia… .. a good shot of passion…. for someone as rational as him: loved it! (Paola R.)
Trivially, even Montalbano has fallen into the cliche of the old rattuso.
Empty story, sad ending.
I’m done with Montalbano. (Loredana M.)
Two toxic partners for each other, they did well to break up. He is an independent and lonely man, perhaps unsuitable for romantic relationships, I don’t know … definitely not with Livia. He never seemed happy to see her, she on the other hand was intrusive and sulky, at times really unbearable. They have always been incompatible and the only reason they lasted so long is that their relationship was long-distance.
Their relationship was toxic and unhappy, I don’t understand why their breakup caused astonishment. (Anita G.)

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