When you thought that you already mastered everything when it comes to hair colors, the hair universe comes and surprises us with some new highlights that are to die for. If we recently discovered all the benefits of face framing highlights, now we fall in love with the money piece , highlights that fuse the balayage technique and that of face framing to give us the best coloration to illuminate and that requires less maintenance .
Perfect for trying out the best hairstyles to show off your highlights this summer, the money pieces have dethroned the balayage , which was already a bit faded and sunken, to offer us a brutal coloration with whichilluminate the mane without much maintenance . The perfect fusion between balayage and face framing, money piece highlights consist of following the balayage technique in the thick of the hair and adding light strands to the front to illuminate the face and achieve a rejuvenating effect (just like the face framing).
When it comes to maintaining them, the money piece requires the same attention as the balayage , that is, few, since when the hair grows the root effect is not noticeable , so you would only have to bleach the lightened strands of the front. In addition to low maintenance, these wicks are also much cheaper, sinceYou will only have to touch up the strands with which you have illuminated the front area of your face. In that sense, the money piece seems like the perfect highlights for summer, the season in which we all seek to illuminate our hair and not worry about it.

What are the money piece highlights

We have already anticipated that the money piece highlights are the perfect fusion between the classic balayage and the recently arrived face framing and that, precisely, is what makes them so flattering, because they take the best of both techniques and the merge into one.
The money piece highlights consist of following the technique of the balayage highlights , but they add some very light strands in the front part to frame the face and illuminate it completely.. These strands (the front ones) start from the root of the hair and blend with the rest of the color from the middle.
It is a technique that brings a lot of light to the face (ideal for summer), with lighter tones than the rest of the hair that, in addition, help to achieve a visual effect of volume .
Originally, the money piece highlights were applied in a golden tone similar to that of coins (hence their name), but over time they have been adapting their color so that they can be applied to all types of hair .

Differences between money piece highlights and balayage

The technique of las money piece highlights is an evolution of balayage highlights . Balayage highlights are achieved by following a technique that consists of applying the highlights in a personalized way to illuminate strategic points of the hair, sweeping the color from the roots to the ends and looking for a natural effect, which requires little maintenance because the dreaded appearance does not appear. root effect .

The money piece highlights go a step further and take the best of the highlights of the moment, the face framing, to achieve a mane of infarction.

Differences between money piece highlights and face framing

The recently discovered face framing is also known as chunky lights or makeup highlights. The objective of this technique is none other thanframing your face with a few front strands that are lighter than the rest of your hair and that is why many experts comment that it has the same illuminating power as good makeup.
The main difference between money pieces and face framing is that the latter are more symmetrical, they do not blend with the rest of the hair and they tend to be more intense discolorations. They don’t blend in with the rest of the hair with some balayage, wow.

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