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The bicycle has always thrilled millions of Italians and many are interested in learning about the latest news from the Astana and Deceuninck-Quickstep cycling teams. In particular, the first team mentioned has signed a collaboration with Conti and Nibali while Deceuninck-Quickstep has secured the renewal of James Knox.

As soon as you think about MotoGP, your thoughts immediately go to Valentino Rossi. The champion from Tavullia has written incredible pages of this sport, to the point that whoever goes to read the article on the history of MotoGP finds his name in large letters. The legend of two wheels, Valentino Rossi, will have to face the last race in Italy of his motorcycle career.

When we think of poker we often make the mistake of imagining a game, a pastime and we never talk about sports poker. But behind this activity there is much more. This game, in fact, has become a real sporting reality, which also falls into areas and approaches practically the same as many other sports in circulation.

Other sports

For the Monaco Grand Prix , Leclerc’s Ferrari does not start and the Monegasque driver passes from pole position to retirement and, therefore, from stars to stalls. The same driver, during qualifying, hit a wall 20 seconds from the end and immediately there was some concern for the gearbox area.
Replace the gearbox, would have resulted in the loss of 5 positions and therefore the pole position would be badly blurred. Many viewers have certainly thought of a correlation between the qualifying incident and the big drawback of retirement. The official version of Ferrari , however, categorically denies the hypothesis of a hazard that ended badly also because it would have been absurd. According to what was expressed by Mattia Binotto , Ferrari ‘s sporting director , there would have been an anomaly in the joint between the drive shaft and the hub.
In this case, however, it would probably be in any case a negligence of the team because the problem would have escaped the controls; the thing, therefore, would be unpleasant in any case.

Ferrari Leclerc does not start – The driver’s statements
The protagonist, Leclerc, appears visibly embittered by what has happened and declares himself very sad for the forced stop and for not having been able to compete on his home circuit. He also says that he needs a few days to recover from his despair and that he is also sorry for the mechanics who worked to make him compete. Now we only have to understand what happened and, above all, to prevent this from happening again.

Circuit of Monaco – Outcomes
In the race of the circuit of Monaco , Verstappen wins and reaches the head of the world championship and, at the same time, Red Bulllocks the first position. Ferrari reaches the second step of the podium with Carlos Sainz and this somewhat mitigates the disappointment for Leclerc ‘s retirement ; who, in an elegant way, despite his bitterness, went to congratulate his teammate.
McLaren’s Norris is in third place, ahead of Perez of the Red Bull team .
It was, therefore, a day of crossed and opposite emotions for the two Ferrari drivers and we hope that these problems will not happen again.

The Fairies in Stuttgart accomplish a feat with only one precedent: the blue were third 69 years ago in Basel. Thanks to the team of coach Enrico Casella made up of the very young Giorgia Villa, Elisa Iorio, Alice D’Amato, Asia D’Amato and Desiree Carofiglio (Martina Maggio reserves)

Antonietta Di Martino received the 2009 Berlin World High Jump bronze medal, for effect of the disqualification of the Russian Anna Chicherova The first blue medal at the World Athletics Championships in Doha

arrives from the 50 km walk . Eleonora Giorgishe won the bronze finishing the test behind the Chinese Liang Rui, gold in 4h23’26 “and Li Maocuo, silver in 4h26’40”. The final time of 4h29’13 “for the 30-year-old Lombard from the Fiamme Azzurre, clearly higher than the European record of 4h04’50” she achieved in mid-May, winning in the European Cup on her debut on distance.
The other two blue in the race, Nicole Colombi and Mariavittoria Becchetti, did not complete . Among the men, sixteenth Michele Antonelli in 4h22’20 “and Teodorico Caporaso retired, success of the Japanese Yusuke Suzuki (4h04’20 ‘) in front of the Portuguese Joao Vieira (4h04’59”) and the Canadian Evan Dunfee (4h05’02 “) .

Giorgi: “I put my heart into it”
It is the first Italian medal in these World Championships and the first for me too. I am happy and proud to have won it with the national team jersey ”said Eleonora Giorgi. “I used my head, legs and above all my heart to overcome the stomach problems that slowed me down, I also risked not making it, but I really cared a lot. I knew it was an opportunity to take and I didn’t want to let it slip away. A difficult race for everyone, no one is used to competing in these conditions. For me this medal has an inestimable value, and something great, at the end of a magical season. I dedicate it to myself, for having held firm and having believed in this dream without ever giving up

The program for Tuesday 1st October: there is Tamberi

Gianmarco Tamberiand certainly among the most representative athletes of the Italian expedition to Doha and today he will begin his efforts in search of the men’s high jump final. For Gimbo this year a 2.32 obtained but indoors, while as regards the outdoor seasonal record and the 2.35 achieved by the Belarusian Maksim Nedasekau . Among the best seasonal performances we cannot fail to include the other blue bearer, Stefano Sottile who in Bressanone, last 28 July, reached the measure of 2.33. Here are all the races scheduled:

  • 15.30 Hammer M qualifying group A
  • 15.35 400 M batterie (Re)
  • 15.50 Alto M qualifiers (Tamberi, Sottile)
  • 16.30 400 obstacles F batteries (Folorunso, Olivieri, Pedroso)
  • 17.00 Hammer M group B qualification
  • 17.15 3000 hedges M Batteries (Chiappinelli, Zoghlami)
  • 19.05 Auction M Final (Stecchi)
  • 19.50 400 F semifinals
  • 20.20 javelin F Final
  • 20.35 200 F semifinals
  • 21.10 800m Final
  • 21.40 200m Final

The live broadcast will be entrusted to Rai which will start at 15.25, both on the Raisport Hd channel (57 of digital and 5057 of Sky) and on Raisport Sd (channel 58), until 17.55 of the first session, from 19 to 22.00 the evening session on same channels.

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