Denim fabric is always a safe bet in any style. If originally this garment sought to be completely functional, in recent times it has been adapted to all kinds of trends. Flared, skinny or slouchy (a trend last season), jeans have guaranteed their survival by adapting to the needs and tastes of the moment. Now that fashion seems to be experiencing a moment of reconciliation with the 90s, it’s time to rescue the classic mom jeans from the closet .

The very high waist, its hallmark
If there is something that characterizes this type of pants, it is that the waist, which has been varying in height in recent years, is higher than usual. Above the navel, this type of waist is very flattering for all body types and heights. Being so high, it stylizes the figure in addition to making these pants a comfortable and functional garment without losing a touch of glamour.
Accustomed to the fact that the high waist is accompanied by completely tapered legs, the mom jean has a straight cut, which makes the garment very comfortable and becomes a basic for any outfit this season.

How to wear mom jeans
If we look back and dive a bit through the 90s, we can get an idea of ​​how to wear this type of jeans and get the most out of them. But without forgetting that, although current trends tend to drink from the fashion of past decades, we must always bet on something innovative in whatever our style.
One factor to keep in mind with mom jeans is that their high waistIt will condition the type of garment that we wear at the top. Blouses, t-shirts, tops or even sweatshirts, all garments will be adjusted based on the size, being mostly tucked inside. Although at first, especially after having worn skinny jeans for so long, it seems strange to the eye, it is a really flattering look. If, in addition, it is combined with a large buckle belt, the effect is groundbreaking.
Its functionality makes the mom jean a perfect jean for any occasion, whether for an informal day or for a more special event. The trick to making this functional garment more elegant is knowing how to combine it. A white blouse and a black heel turn the functionality of the mon jean into pure elegance.

Lady Di-style mom jeans

Princess Diana is always an icon and fashion reference. If her most glamorous outfits are still the source of inspiration for many designers, her outfits will never go out of style. For this reason, Lady Di serves as a reference when it comes to making mom jean our favorite style for this season (and those to come).
She knew how to take advantage of these jeans , which she used to wear in her most informal events, and now she serves as our muse. With a white shirt and beige loafers, Lady Di makes mom jean a must for this season.

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