How a modern house should be built
What aspects should you pay particular attention to
What are the fundamental elements to consider in order to have a home that is modern and functional
We will answer all these questions in this in-depth study.
Modernity in terms of homes is today a need and a desire that more and more people have. Modernity means functionality and practicality, but also safety. Whether you want to modernize an old house or if you choose to buy a new property, there are 10 commandments to be followed scrupulously so that your home is healthy, safe, comfortable and warm.

  1. The electrical system must be brought up to standard if it is not. For a question of safety, but also for energy efficiency which today should not be underestimated.
  2. The plumbing system should be carried out with the most precise care, respecting the regulations and using quality materials, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences in the future.
  3. The heating system must be designed and built trying to configure the best system in terms of energy saving and yield. The most modern options are those that offer underfloor heating.
  4. Wall and floor coverings are considered a personalization, but they really shouldn’t be taken lightly. The choice of materials is fundamental for the quality of life, preferring products with low environmental impact and excellent energy performance.
  5. The spaces must be comfortable, functional and made according to the needs of those who live them. For this reason, it is good practice to consider extensions, demolitions and constructions to model the rooms on the needs before starting to live there.
  6. Always consider green energy sources such as energy supply from solar panels, photovoltaics or wind systems of the most modern technologies. The investment is amortized in a short time and it is much more respectful of the environment.
  7. The most modern housing complexes are also equipped with systems for the collection and recycling of light and dark water. Attention to the environment and the reduction of waste must begin to become a healthy habit for everyone.
  8. Home automation cannot be exempt from existing in a modern house. Being able to remotely manage lighting and appliances is a need that more and more families have, especially when you spend a lot of time away from home. The same goes for the alarm system, today an indispensable tool for any private home.
  9. A fundamental part of a home are windows and doors. Choosing them properly is important so that there is no heat loss and the safety of the house itself. Shatterproof glass, armored doors, railings, blinds or electronically controlled shutters and so on, are important elements of a home.
  10. We should not forget the paints, which are preferably of modern production with ingredients that are not harmful to the environment and to health.

All the restructuring interventions of the electrical, water or modernization systems can also be deducted thanks to the tax concessions. What better opportunity, therefore, to give new air to the house and transform it into the modern dream we have. You can learn more on where you will find a specific article.

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