What is a ceiling light
When we talk about modern ceiling lights we refer to ceiling lamps (actually also wall lamps), not suspended with wires or cables, but installed adhering to the surface, characterized by a diffused and homogeneous light, generated by one or more light sources.
Particularly suitable for environments with low ceilings, which is increasingly common in modern homes, they have the advantage of illuminating any environment without taking up space in height. They are therefore less bulky and demanding than the classic suspended chandeliers and for this reason they are today one of the most widespread types of lighting.
The design trends today allow you to choose between modern ceiling lights characterized by essential or more particular and eccentric lines, in various colors and invoices according to your tastes and the style of your home. Ceiling or wall
light fixtures Before focusing on the materials and designs of your light fixture, you need to decide where to place it. Better to have clear ideas right away, in fact there are ceiling lights that can be installed on the ceiling, others on the wall, and again, models suitable for both uses, with which it is possible to create a combination of several elements in the same style, for a context coordinated. The advantages of a ceiling light
This type of lighting undoubtedly has several advantages, as we have mentioned and perfect even in the case of low ceilings thanks to the installation in adherence to the surfaces and to the compact size .
It also proves to be a versatile , practical and aesthetically excellent choice for every area of ​​the house, from the living room to the sleeping area, as well as for the bathroom and transit areas such as corridors and entrances.
Modern ceiling lights also guarantee extreme ease both in installation and cleaning , which is absolutely not a foregone conclusion with traditional chandeliers. LED or Halogen: which one to choose
Two types of light source can be associated with the ceiling lights: LED or halogen.
The LED ceiling lights are certainly ideal for passageways because they guarantee instant lighting, which you can also make automatic with motion sensors if you wish. In the other rooms, the long-lasting ones, it is also possible to opt for halogen bulbs whose light gradually intensifies until it reaches a constant diffusion throughout the environment.
The LED bulbs, of course, guarantee savings from an economic point of view and a long life of the light source. Choosing the right size
Another factor to consider when choosing a ceiling light is the size, which must be correctly related to the room in which we are going to place it.
There is no fixed rule, but generally for a medium-sized bathroom a ceiling light no larger than 30-40 cm will be sufficient, while in a living room you will get a beautiful lighting and also a better aesthetic result with larger dimensions, as suggested by the current trends in interior design. Materials and styles
Also in this case it is possible to choose between different materials and multiple styles, according to your tastes.
On the market you can find modern glass ceiling lights, plastic ceiling lights, generally cheaper than the first , ceiling lights with crystals , with metal or wood details.
From the simplest and most essential ones to the most worked and creative ones, such as the modern Melantha ceiling lamp , which with its floral metal details will certainly not go unnoticed.
Particular, extremely modern and very versatile, the modern ceiling lights in plaster which, in white, can then be painted according to personal preferences, integrating perfectly with the surrounding environment.
The right choice, of course, depends on your tastes and also on the budget available, but in any case, a modern ceiling light is always an element that knows how to give character to environments by performing its function perfectly.

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