It is also used by biologists to refer to the process of induction of mitosis or cell division when this results from the duplication of the genetic material of the nucleus, but for anthropologists or religious scholars the term mitogenesis alludes to the capacity of communities, especially appreciable in certain times or areas that have stood out for their fertility, to generate myths that are incorporated into the universal repertoire as collective creations but revealing, as long as they are assumed and internalized, of individual consciences. Not only theologians, priests or shamans, but also poets or artists and primitive or modern storytellers, have used an ancestral imaginary whose vehicle -before or after writing- is the word.
Historians of Antiquity point out how the passage from myth to logos, which gave rise to philosophy in the Greek cities of Asia Minor, gave birth to rational thought that left behind the fabulous stories to look at the world and understand it without resorting to to supernatural interpretations. That was a magical moment, worth the paradox, and partly parallel to the incipient development of science, but the progressive emancipation of inherited terrors did not abolish the enduring validity of the symbols associated with birth, initiation, death or resurrection, that they have explained to us for millennia and will continue to do so regardless of the evolution of the species. Prior to religions, myths are to a certain extent independent of them or, better said, transcend them.
On a reduced scale, both believers and unbelievers build throughout their lives a personal mythology that instinctively or unconsciously reproduces endless atavisms. In line with the particular experience, even from a demystifying perspective that is still mythologizing, any itinerary refers to a cult that includes sacred spaces, intimate rituals, propitiatory words, literally venerable beings or objects. We read ourselves in the dreams that our ancestors dreamed and we assume their desires or perplexities and perceive that we are not different, although everything begins, changes or is incessantly renewed. A single cycle covers us and it is pleasant to feel, forgotten by the moment, the multitudinous company of the ages.

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