MILAN – From 5 December 2018 the ICONS 5.7 – MASTER PHOTOGRAPHERS exhibition arrives at the Whitelight Art Gallery in Milan , a selection of the best photographic works by great masters of national and international photography. Steve McCurry, one of the greatest masters of contemporary photography, talks in the exhibition with Gian Paolo Barbieri , one of the most important names in fashion photography, Eolo Perfido, master of street photography and Christian Cravo , international signature of nature photography. The photographic exhibition
The exhibition, set up in the spaces of Whitelight Art Gallery inside Copernico Milano Centrale, will offer an unusual and exclusive journey, through the eyes of four masters of the photographic lens. Through some images that have now become icons of author photography, we will enter the realm of reportage and portrait, fashion and naturalistic photography up to street photography. Not a comparison but a real journey through the greatest shots of our time, a balanced and powerful dialogue at the same time through the eyes of their authors, great names in contemporary photography. Art Box Project :Only 5 photographic works, selected from among the most famous icons of each artist, will be presented in an unpublished and exclusive format, enclosed within a case entirely made by hand, in wood, covered in leather, with customized graphics for each author and signed by Anders Weinar, in a limited number. The photographers Steve McCurry
Steve McCurry has been one of the most important voices in contemporary photography for over 30 years, one of the greatest masters and a point of reference for a very large audience. Many of his images have become true icons known all over the world, starting with the Afghan girl published by National Geographic, which will be among the selected and available works. Among the shots on display and for sale, “Dust Storm” and famous portraits including “Rabari Tribal Elder”. All images are printed in cibachrome, signed and certified by the author.
Rajasthan, India, 2010 © Steve McCurry Gian Paolo Barbieri
He is one of the most influential fashion photographers nationally and internationally. With his advertising campaigns he helped to define the creative voice of fashion in the 80s and 90s of the most famous brands. His lens has also immortalized stars from all over the world and exotic and natural landscapes. Winner of the renowned Lucie Awards 2018. On the occasion of the exhibition, the author made a series of artist interventions, with different techniques, on the 5 shots of his timeless icons: Audrey Hepburn, Veruska, Monica Bellucci, are presented to collectors in unique and unrepeatable pieces.
Rainbow © Gian Paolo Barbieri Eolo Perfido
Portrait photographer, Leica Ambassador since 2013, specialized in advertising photography as well as one of the best known and most respected Italian street photographers. On display are some shots of the Clownville project in which disturbing and realistic images highlight the dark and intimate side of the subjects portrayed.
Rocker © Eolo Perfido Christian Cravo
Photographer of Brazilian origin, established on the international scene and winner of the Guggenheim Fellowship in 2001. The exhibition will present a limited series of naturalistic images in black and white with strong contrasts and characterized by the formal rigor that distinguishes him.
Elephant and Calf, Kenya 2011 © Christian Cravo

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