Her pseudonym is Mikeligna , and Michela Parisi has broken into our homes and hearts through YouTube, the medium with which she launched her career as a nail artist and beauty vlogger . At the beginning, for her, it was almost a game: model employee of a company and student of Economics, Mikeligna has always had a passion for make-up and nail art, and decides to publish some videos on YouTube. She would never have imagined, at the time, that her passion could have turned into a full-fledged job.
Her videos thrill thousands of Italians every day, and soon the colossus Pupa MilanoHe notes her and enlists her for Pupa Nail Art, in 2011, where together with other expert nail technicians she shares techniques and secrets of her passion. From that moment, the Mikeligna phenomenon takes a truly unexpected turn. In 2012 her illustrated book of nail art , Rizzoli editions, was released, where the social star shares the tricks to apply the nail polish perfectly. Followed by her App dedicated to the magical world of nail art, in which Mikeligna shares her looks so that they are always at hand. Her success has made her one of the most famous names in the Italian beauty universe on YouTube, like names of the caliber of Cliomakeup. And just like her, Mikeligna ran a programon RealTime, Nail Lab, dedicated to the specific beauty of nails. Michela Parisi was often criticized for her diction, but without losing heart she concentrated on courses that allowed her to improve her pronunciation. In 2016 she thus gets a part as a nail tutor in the Rai program Detto Fatto by Caterina Balivo.
Currently, Mikeligna continues to delight its 300,000 subscribers with videos dedicated to the world of beauty, make-up, shopping and healthy eating and dedicates herself with enthusiasm and determination to her new projects. You have collaborated on several occasions with Benefit Cosmetics, Clinique and Pupa and many other brands including QVC, for which he creates a trendy look. She is vegan by nature (and for the love of her four-legged friends), and super attentive to labels and what she eats. In recent times she has dedicated herself body and soul to teaching thanks to the collaboration with Komax, for which she teaches the course ” Mikeligna’s Nail World ” Where she explains how to apply nail polish and helps fans to transform their passion into a 3.0 job.
In April 2017 Mikeligna had to remove her iconic mole , which she has always been very proud of. Although it is a benign form, the doctors recommended surgical removal before she got too big.
Michela works in Milan and lives in Latina with several cats, including Cishina, the Corsican dog Ettore and two dog foundlings that she adopted directly from the street. Her boyfriend is called Luca and they have been together for about 5 years. Their relationship, told mainly through the YouTube boyfriend tag, is romantic and a bit shrouded in mystery.

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