The confinement decreed by the Government due to the coronavirus health crisis , which lasted for more than two months, brought with it a string of anecdotal situations , some less amusing than others, and without a doubt the supermarket was one of the most outstanding scenarios, with permission of the balconies, especially due to the absence on the shelves of products of greater or lesser need that were inevitably sold out every day . The Mercadona supermarket chain has been a trend throughout these months due to the items that it has been introducing in its stores and that were running out quickly, from toilet paper(this happened in all establishments) to their bottles of disinfectant gel , nitrile gloves ,disinfectants for surfaces, prepared dishes, products for vegans, ice cream or their Steinburg Special beer , a number 1 in sales that was recently made with the first place in quality-price in one of the OCU reports.
Now it is the turn of a new star product: the new Ciders Wild Panther cider , a drink made by Font Salem that already sells some 30,000 units a day , thus becoming a new success for the Valencian supermarket chain.
It is a cider with4 different flavors: apple, mango-passion fruit, strawberry-lime and blackberry . It has 4.6% alcohol content and is sold individually or in a pack of 12 bottles of 33 cl . A refreshing drink that is winning the hearts of the chain’s customers. With a fruity aroma, Ciders joins the trend of drinks with cider. It should be taken very cold , and each flavor provides different things for different situations.
The apple cider pairs very well with different appetizers, for example, lupins, while the mango and passion fruit is perfect to drink with all kinds of nuts. The strawberry and lime cider can accompany all kinds of appetizers, like olives, while the blackberry-flavoured Cider Blackberry goes perfectly with chips.
Mercadona recommends drinking the new drink very cold, without putting ice in the glass. It can be enjoyed in any type of glass, be it thin glass, a tube, a glass… and it should not be shaken before opening.

Better flavors

Ciders is one of Mercadona’s new alcoholic beverages, which has recently renewed the quality of its liqueurs, especially with regard to flavorthat the client expects to find in each one of them. For example, in the case of Whiskey, it has introduced softer or more intense flavors, or new flavors in gins. In the creams, the creaminess, sweetness and specific flavor of each of them have been improved and the expiration date has been introduced in the vermouth.

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