Summer , rest, vacation, fun. The pandemic has forced us to change pace in almost every aspect of our lives. Little by little, it gives us a break, always attentive to comply with the rules, with responsibility and common sense, and all those plans that remained in the box of wishes, associated with different cities, conflicting cultures, unknown languages, emerge. But not everyone decides to take the plunge or is lucky enough to be able to do so in the best conditions, so they choose to remain in their same refuge as always. It is there, where, coinciding with summer, imagination and ingenuity are sharpened more to find summer plans to combat boredom and have a good time with your family, friends or alone.
Going shopping, going to the summer cinema, walking in the park or having a picnic are alternative plans to the pool given the impossibility of traveling to a beach destination. Mercadona , always very close to its customers, knows this, and also takes advantage of the summer to continue innovating in its list of products and offer some special wink to its ‘bosses’. This year is the year of the potato omelette or sausage croissant with bacon and ketchup, perfect to consume on an afternoon picnic and disconnect from everything without hardly moving from home.
Find a good quiet place, place your tablecloth with drinks, freshly made food to golike hamburgers and croquettes, a few snacks and don’t forget these special puff pastries to complete your picnic in the best possible way.

Mercadona’s stuffed croissants at an irrefutable price

Mercadona continues to be the most popular supermarket for shopping and this type of initiative has a lot to do with it. It is no longer just getting what people want to consume right, but the price so adjusted to the market that they attribute to each item. This croissant delight filled with potato omelette can be found in the oven section of your supermarkets for a price of 1.05 euros . 100 gramsof flavor in which the texture of the puff pastry blends with the tradition offered by one of the most traditional products of our land: The potato omelette.
The croissant stuffed with potato omelette can be found in the oven section of your supermarkets for a price of 1.05 euros
And for those who like the American culture a little more Juan Roig and his team have invented the sausage croissant with bacon and ketchup, which reminds us of those hot dogs that are served on every corner of the New York Avenues, and which makes them a perfect appetizer for any occasion, satiating and delicious.
Mercadona reinvents the original American recipe and its particular hot dog has not gone unnoticed by customers. And you can also find it in the oven section. An authentic 115-gram sausage croissant coated with sesame seeds that contains ketchup and bacon and costs only 1.20 euros per unit .

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