What you like most about summer is going to the beach and that the effects of the sea make you get the much desired surfer waves, but, deep down, you know that the salt and the sun require you to follow some tricks to take care of your hair in summer if you don’t want your hair to suffer excessively . Although, inevitably, you will have to go to the hairdresser and bet on some of the most trendy haircuts to clean up your hair, you can always mitigate the effects of summer with a special product .
Specifically, we are talking about the new miracle product from Mercadona, a hair mask that saves your hair in summer for 2.25 euros. It is a 3-in-1 mask, belonging to the new Mercadona Monoi collection, it is a limited edition and has already conquered the most rebellious hair that needs more care in summer .
A total of nine products make up Mercadona’s new summer collection , although its 3-in-1 mask is the one that has caught our attention the most. Like every summer, Deliplus (Mercadona’s cosmetics line) brings out an exclusive collection with 9 items for skin and hair care .
The Monoi line, which is the name of the collection that includes Mercadona’s 3-in-1 mask that saves your hair in summer for 2.25 euros, recovers the aromas of coconut and vanilla typical of Polynesia in a range of products that go from bath gels to sunscreens and even a super cheap cologne. Mercadona

‘s mask , the new miracle product that saves your hair for 2.25 euros, can be used on damp hair after rinsing the shampoo as a hair protector , conditioner or hair mask . For this last function, the product must be left applied for 3 minutes before proceeding to remove it. Contains vitamin B, sunflower oil and silicones.
You can buy it now in stores and on its website for 2.25 euros. In addition, we tell you everything you need to know about Mercadona’s new line of summer products that has already conquered its most ardent fans.

What is the monoi and why is it so good for the hair

Do you know the monoi from Tahiti

It is an exquisite oil of traditional elaboration , great quality, denomination of origin and extraordinary properties. Beneficial for skin and hair , and stimulating the senses.
The combination of monoi and coconut pulp oil is the basis of this new collection., impregnated with the same refreshing and summery fragrance, with notes of tiare, ylang ylang, frangipani, added to the sensuality of vanilla and tonka bean.
Its aroma transports you to exotic places, such as French Polynesia, where this high-quality ingredient comes from and which will take care of your hair this summer .

The nine benefits of monoi, not only for hair

Hydrates , nourishes and protects the skin.

Enhances the tan , giving a natural and lasting color.
Its delicious aroma, together with its calming and invigorating properties, provide a pleasant well-being, relaxing the body and mind .
Its richness in vitamin E makes it apowerful antioxidant that helps fight free radicals , the main cause of premature aging.
It favors the gradual wetting of the skin, since it creates a protective barrier that prevents water loss .
Nourishes, repairs and regenerates dry and damaged hair .

Protects hair from saltpetre, chlorine and sun rays , preventing dehydration and breakage of hair fibers.
Provides softness, silkiness and healthy shine to the hair .
The perfect ally when performing a massage. Helps soothe muscles and skin .

Other products that make up the Mercadona Monoi Collection

Sun oil SPF15 : with a tanning accelerator and a dry-touch texture.
Biphasic UVA/UVB conditioner: protects hair from the sun. It can be applied to both wet and dry hair. Take care of the hair leaving it loose and silky.

UVA/UVB filter hair mask : deeply nourishes and hydrates, taking care of the hair from the damage caused by exposure to the sun, chlorine and saltpeter. 3 in 1: conditioner, mask with and without rinsing.

Bath gel : long-lasting fragrance.

Shampoo : cleanses, moisturizes and cares for the hair after the sun. Get soft hair and enhance its natural shine.

moisturizing body oil: retains moisture, is rich in fatty acids and soothes the skin. Does not clog pores. Perfect for repairing the skin after sun exposure.

Moisturizing body cream : sorbet texture. Light, refreshing and quickly absorbed, perfect for the summer months.

Eau de Toilette : let yourself be intoxicated by the fragrance Monoi Fleur de Tiare. Apply it on the wrists, neck or hair to accompany you all day.

Body spray deodorant : with a long-lasting fragrance, it can be applied all over the body, always at a distance of about 15cm.

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