Now that we are rediscovering our lips and with Christmas just around the corner, lipstick has become one of our most sought after (and desired) beauty items. With a volume effect (our favourite) the lipstick marker, any one is good for us to take advantage of our lips and mark a super makeup . Although, for Christmas, what many of us are looking for from our lipstick is that it be matte and have a velvet effect , an irresistible finish for Christmas looks.
As it has done before (welcome its miracle cream with organic silicon), Mercadona has just launched its new matte lipstick for lips with a velvet effect this Christmas. The supermarket chain seems to anticipate our needs and that is why it launches matte lipsticks with the most desired finish of Christmas , the velvety one.
Although the matte lipstick and the velvet effect are a double-edged sword, since they sometimes cause dryness. In the case of Mercadona, as we will explain later, this dryness is kept at bay since the lipsticks with a matte effect are presented in a fairly creamy texture so that the velvety finish is long-lasting and very flattering in Christmas looks and makeup.
In addition to its velvet effect, Mercadona’s new matte lipstick comes in various colorsand at a fairly cheap price (4.50 euros), which makes the product a star signing for Christmas makeup.

Mercadona’s matte lipsticks, the best sellers for Christmas

Mercadona is one of the great allies in terms of beauty and the reason is none other than the results of its beauty products , which are very similar to other more expensive products, but costing less than half. For many , Mercadona lipsticks were already a bestseller in their perfumery section (we have seen how some of their lipsticks have sold out in a matter of minutes).
The texture, creaminess, duration and finish that they give to the lipsThese are very important aspects to take into account when you buy a lipstick and, in the case of Mercadona lipsticks, all these characteristics tend to come together.
Within the Deliplus lipstick line, Mercadona ‘s line of beauty products, there are very different alternatives, but the ones that are triumphing lately are Mercadona’s matte lipsticks . The duration and the colors that these lipsticks present have made them a great success for the supermarket chain.

This is the Mercadona matte lipstick that will be a hit at Christmas
These lipsticks do not have a specific name (as in other occasions in which Mercadona launches a line of products with a very specific name), only numbers, and there are two that have already become our favorites for Christmas makeup . One of them is the nude pink color that has the number 06 and the other is the intense garnet color that has the number 20, absolutely ideal for the most top Christmas looks.
But it’s all a matter of taste, since Mercadona’s matte lipstick line has an infinite number of colorsand surely if the tests would become an essential in the toiletry bag. Its price is another of its great successes (perhaps the great success), since they only cost 4.50 euros. Almost nothing for a lipstick that covers the line of lipsticks from the NYX firm, which sells each lipstick at 20 euros.
In addition to its price and its colors, what we like most about Mercadona’s lipstick is its texture , which, despite being matte, is not heavy and dense, and it does not seem that the dreaded dryness will occur on the lips when applied. We can think of no more reasons to sign this super lipstick from Mercadona and turn it into our best ally for Christmas looks.

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