The trends in makeup for this summer are quite clear. The good face effect is carried, but the great protagonists, once again, are the eyes, which are well served with color. For this reason, when it comes to preparing our vanity case to go on summer vacation, thetop makeup products of the moment cannot be missing , and our latest beauty discovery has earned a privileged place.
If a few days ago it surprised us with a lifting effect beauty treatment worthy of an aesthetic center, now Mercadona makes us fall in love with its new makeup collection , which goes straight to our summer vacation bag without giving us a second thought.
Under the name Sun Party,Mercadona ‘s new low-cost makeup collection is inspired by the warm reflections of the sun. This limited edition collection pays homage to vitality, with a range of colors that combine perfectly and provide a large dose of optimism.
Moisturized skin, well-groomed nails, a luminous look and full-color lips are the premises from which Mercadona’s new low-cost makeup collection starts, which goes directly to the summer vacation bag (especially the lipsticks, which are super top ).

What products make up the Mercadona makeup collection

It is not the first collection of beauty productsthat Mercadona launches this summer, but it may be the most complete of the ones it has launched so far (or at least the one that best adapts to the makeup trends that are sweeping this season). Thus, Sun Party is made up of the following make-up items:

Make up fixer : illuminating fixer.

Nourishing gel and antioxidant gel for the treatment of your nails.
Panoramic Eyelash mascara and eyelash serum .

Shadow and highlighter palette .

Lip marker .

This is the illuminating fixative from the Mercadona makeup collection Get

ready to try the makeup fixative spray with a luminous effect. It is a tonic spray that keeps the skin hydrated while fixing makeup . It does not give color to the skin, it contains pearls and its aroma of white roses will enchant you.

Tips for using the illuminating setting spray :
Shake before use.
Spray a small amount 20 cm from the face and let it dry.
It can be used before makeup as a moisturizer/primer, after as a fixative or during the day to restore luminosity to your skin.

This is the treatment of one of the Mercadona makeup collection
The trends in some for this summer are the most colorful and yes, we want to see them with color, but first we must learn to take care of them. Mercadona’s new low-cost makeup collection has the key to achieving this with its nail treatment, which is made up of:

Nourishing gel with papaya extract: rich in vitamin A.

Antioxidant gel : contains starfruit extract, a complex rich in B vitamins and C with antioxidant properties.
Apply them daily on nails and cuticles, massaging until absorbed.

This is how the mascara and eyelash serum are from the Mercadona makeup collection

Eyelashes are the absolute protagonists of the look of the season, they are worn with a lot of curves and the items from Mercadona’s new make-up collection are presented to help us achieve it.
The first thing is to take care of them with the Sun Party eyelash serum .This serum, with an oil texture, helps to recover its softness and strength thanks to a formula that nourishes them every day . Contains argan oil, an ingredient known for its nourishing, antioxidant and emollient properties ; and red algae extract, rich in amino acids and minerals, with a protective and strengthening action on eyelashes. Its continued use favors beautiful and healthy eyelashes and eyebrows .

tip: apply the serum before the mask, allowing it to dry. Or at night, after removing make-up.
The second thing is to make them up, opening and illuminating the look with the lash mascara. Lengthens, curves and gives volume to the upper lashes. Eye! The lower lashes are worn bare. Its brush helps lift and curl them easily , with panoramic definition and an intense matte black finish.

This is the palette of shadows and highlighters from the Mercadona makeup collection

. Do you know the Sun Kissed makeup
Tanned face, rosy and shiny cheeks, get that good face effect with earthy and golden tones for face and eyes. A discreet but very flattering look, with the Sun Party eyeshadow and highlighter palette, which contains 8 eyeshadows with matte, satin and pearl finishes ; 2 highlighters to give touches of light to the face and a comfortable mirror to put on makeup or touch up anywhere.

Beauty advice : highlight certain areas of the face such as the nose, the lip, the upper part of the cheekbones or the eyelids – under the eyebrows to illuminate the arch of the same – to make the skin look tanned, radiant and juicy, as if kissed by the sun.

This is the lip marker from the Mercadona makeup collection
Of all the items that make up Mercadona’s new low-cost makeup collection, its lip markers are the ones that have really won us over. They are ideal for attractive and luminous lips, as they are designed to dye the lips with a light and imperceptible veil of color with a luminous finish . Its high-precision tip and emollient texture make makeup quick and easy.

Maintenance and make-up removal advice : keep it in a horizontal or vertical position to avoid excess product from falling on the tip. To remove make-up, use biphasic and/or a gentle exfoliation on the lips.

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