The cream of milk and hazelnut is a classic of always in the snacks of adolescents, athletes and children. The nuts that make up your recipe give the cream a tasty touch and are one of the most recommended as they contain numerous nutrients.
This product is one of the latest novelties launched by the Valencian supermarket chain Mercadona and has become a real bestseller. On the occasion of the renewal of its catalog, Mercadona incorporates its new milk and hazelnut cream that is already dazzling most of the company’s consumers. We discover the main reasons why this product is having such success.

A very recognizable flavor at a very low price

Mercadona’s new milk and hazelnut cream is marketed by its private label Hacendado and can be found in a 200-gram container.At a price of 1.30 euros, this novelty from the supermarket chain does not stop adding followers.
Mercadona’s new food novelty is manufactured by the Italian company Nutkao , a specialist in the production of spreadable creams and semi-finished confectionery products. Currently the company exports to 80 countries from its location in Canove di Govone, in Piedmont.
Its main ingredients are milk, in the form of powder and whey, oil, hazelnuts, cocoa butter and sugar. all of itseasoned with vanilla aroma that awakens our senses even more when consuming the product. Its consumption is suitable for celiacs as it does not contain gluten, and may contain traces of soy and other nuts.
Mercadona’s new cocoa cream does not suffer when compared to other creams from world-known brands such as Nocilla or Nutella, since it retains a delicious and smooth flavor at an even lower price than its competitors. Mercadona’s spreadable cream is out of stock in many of the company’s physical establishments given the unprecedented success of this product. All those lucky ones who have already been able to taste it agree that the taste of this cream reminds them of the classic Kinder Bueno.The success of the product is such that there are already reviews and innovative recipes on social networks and specialized blogs with which to prepare various desserts and snacks, such as biscuits, cakes and even tiramisu.
what is the best product on the mercadona and why hazelnut cream (which tastes like kinder good)

(@spiroce) August 25, 2021
Mercadona’s new hazelnut and milk cream is the new jungly or toilet paper. Not even 20 minutes since Mercadona opened this morning and it was already sold out. Do you want a move
— Pablos (@pablo_groove) August 19, 2021
The hazelnut cream today at Mercadona looked like toilet paper in the midst of a pandemic. What’s going on
– Nicol (@ niccol28) August 25, 2021

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