The care of the skin of the face is something that we have super internalized. So much so that, in addition to following the beauty tricks to show off perfect skin in summer, we made a list of beauty products to put in your vanity case before going on vacation. Facial cleansing , hydration, use of sunscreen… We have more than controlled beauty routines and we love taking time out for our rituals, especially if they are effective and do not involve spending excessive money. For this reason, our latest beauty discovery has us completely in love.
He revolutionized the hair scene with his spray to make surf waves and now Mercadonalaunches the beauty treatment with a lifting effect worthy of an aesthetic center at a super low cost price. It’s called My Moments Beauty , it costs 11.50 euros and it’s perfect for having a beauty session without leaving home .
My Moments Beauty is Mercadona’s new beauty treatment with a lifting effect that is going to be a hit this summer. From the age of 25 it is necessary to take care of our skin more intensively so that it looks beautiful for as long as possible, especially if we want to prevent the signs of aging . For this reason, establishing beauty routines that are capable of bringing out the best of our skin is highly recommended and now with Mercadona’s beauty treatment it is within the reach of all pockets.
One of the revolutionary aspects of Mercadona’s My Moment Beauty treatment is that it includes the Energy Beauty T-Bar, it is an innovative device that works like a vibrating massage roller , responsible for recreating the Kobido effects, an ancient Japanese technique that Mercadona brings exclusively to their supermarkets. We are looking forward to dedicating a day to personal care and applying the Mercadona beauty treatment as if we were in a beauty center.

What does the Mercadona

Eye Rescue Booster beauty treatment include : Dermotensor lifting effect for bags, dark circles, eyelids and crow’s feet. Get a rested look.

Pure Water Essence: Energizing skin recovery for the face that works as an activating serum, and that helps the perfect functioning of the device. Regenerative activity and antiaging action.

Sublime Elixir : Revitalizing ultra-glow for face, neck and decollete. Moisturizing, refreshing, antioxidant and decongestant action.

Energy Beauty T-Bar : Innovative device that, through its vibration, creates an electric microcurrent when it comes into contact with the skin, promoting blood circulation, eliminating toxins, providing luminosity, revitalizing the face and relaxing skin tension.

How is the Mercadona beauty treatment applied
All beauty treatments must follow a special routine if we want their results to be fulfilled. In the case of the beauty treatment of Mercadona My Moment Beauty , it was not going to be less.

On clean, dry skin , apply a small amount of Eye Rescue booster to the area to be treated: puffiness, dark circles, eyelids and crow’s feet. Perform a gentle massage from the tear duct to the end of the eye . Finish by gently patting with your fingertips.
Apply a generous amount of activating serum , which will help us to make the device work perfectly. The skin must be moistened with Pure Water Essence, reapplying it if necessary.
The Energy Beauty T-Bar device is moved over the skin with the head downwards, inverting the T-shape . You will feel the vibration on your skin.
With the help of the dispenser, make 2-3 pumps of Sublime Elixir to obtain the desired amount. On clean and dry skin, perform a gentle massage on the face, neck and decollete until completely absorbed .

How is the Mercadona beauty treatment facial massager used

Each area of ​​our face has different needs , so we must take into account the area in which we are going to apply the Mercadona beauty treatment in order to achieve the desired results. .

Neck and facial oval: Move the device from bottom to top, first on the right side, then on the left.

Lip contour, cheeks, cheekbones and nose : slide without applying pressure; Otherwise, it may be disturbed by vibration. The device is applied by zones. Move slowly with upward movements towards the outside of the face, starting with the lip contour, moving up towards the cheeks-cheekbones and ending with the nose.

Forehead and eyelids : massage with the device starting from the eyelid towards the forehead starting on the right side, moving to the central area of ​​the forehead, and ending on the left side.

Objectives of the Mercadona beauty treatment
Depending on the intensity with which the facial massager of the Mercadona beauty treatment is applied, we will be achieving different objectives in the skin of our face .

Low intensity : drainage. Smooth displacement to behind the ears and in the eyes, from the tear duct outwards.

High intensity : lifting and activation. Upward and outward movement.

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