Almost all women, young and old, suffer from the aesthetic problem of cellulite.Regardless of age or constitution, this accumulation of adipose tissue occurs in the buttocks, legs or belly of many body types. Popularly known as orange peel, its origin may be due to causes such as diet, genetics or even, on numerous occasions, the constant use of fabrics that are too tight to our body.
For this reason, and in order to prepare for the summer, the Mercadona supermarket chain is launching its new anti-cellulite treatments for sale. Both are designed to help take care of the skin and combat the much hated cellulite.

Delipus Meso-Anticellulite Concentrate
This product, marketed by Mercadona Deliplus’s own brand, consists of an intensive body treatment to effectively combat cellulite.It is composed of assets developed by a new innovative formula that acts in three actions: lipolytic, restructuring and reducing.
It has numerous assets that generate great benefits in the fight against this dermatological disorder. In the first place, in the lipolytic and fat-burning phase, the active ingredients of caffeine and cartinine act. Artichoke leaf extract has a draining and toning effect.Similarly, for the restructuring and remodeling effect ofContains organic silicon, soybean oil, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and centella asiatica.
For the renewing action, it has a cocktail of antioxidant vitamins (A, C, E, B3), Curcuma Longa root extract and Epigallocatechingalate. For its part, the iron chelator is responsible for absorbing and eliminating the iron accumulated due to excess fat, which is responsible for the characteristic inflammation of cellulite. Finally, ribose speeds up the metabolism of cells.

Pro Cellulit Sticks

To improve the visual aspect offered by skin with cellulite, Mercadona has provided its new product Pro Cellulit. This compound is a food supplement divided into 15 sticks of 4 g, made up of a base of plant extracts.It is a limited edition product.
The ingredients in these sticks help improve the appearance of our skin. Through the red vine, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it is possible to improve blood circulation, and sarsaparilla , in addition to being a great diuretic to help eliminate fluid retention, also helps to promote this circulation. Another of its ingredients, the carob tree , acts as a natural sweetener, while the centella asiatica increases the production of collagen, increasing the elasticity of the skin; the lemon, for its part, increases the resistance of the capillaries.
Among its other compounds we also find another diuretic, pineapple, and a cellular antioxidant, vitamin C. The brand recommends not exceeding the daily dose of a stick dissolved in 250 ml, as well as not being a substitute for any food.

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