If until a few years ago face and eye creams were the best that most women used, among other things almost always only after a certain age, now skincare has become an integral part of the routine of most women . Yes, because it is still an almost exclusively female world, made up of serums, creams, eye contours, masks, scrubs and so on and so forth. It is not customary, in fact, for men , to use cosmetic products and create a routine suitable for their skin, because we are talking about this.
Skin is not the same for everyone, of course, but we all have it, regardless of the gender we belong to or feel we belong to and, therefore, has specific needs. Oily, dry, mixed,the important thing is to choose a combo of suitable products to make it smooth, toned, luminous and hydrated. If you are not already passionate about skincare and want to find out which products are best for you or if you want to convince your father, grandfather, uncle, brother, husband, boyfriend or any man in your life to take some care of himself and his skin , this article is for you! Let ‘s find out how to make a complete routine and a simplified routine, suitable for men’s skin . The men’s skincare routine is different from the women’s one
It is not a question of gender, it depends on the type of skin

Yes and no. Men’s skincare is different because, usually, men’s skinit tends to be oilier and greasy more easily . Also, men often dislike the tactile sensation of creams and serums , which are usually formulated to be lighter and easier to absorb.
Like any self-respecting skin routine, the first step is cleansing . In fact, after a day of work, perhaps outside the home or after the night, it is necessary to clean the skin of the face from accumulated smog, dirt and sebum. A cleansing gel is what you need, because it is fresh and easy to use or a make-up remover pad soaked in micellar water, but beware of the beard as it could become filled with pieces of cotton.
Once or twice a week is a good ideacreate a light scrub , for example with Mediterranea Cosmetics EveryWeek Exfoliating Gel , to renew the skin and eliminate dead cells . Choose textures that are not too aggressive, because some skins may be more sensitive or less used to this type of product. It will help to make it smoother, reduce blackheads and dilated pores and prepare it for subsequent treatments. Also, if you usually shave often, scrubs are a great way to avoid ingrown hairs and folliculitis .
Listen to your skin: if it needs to be thoroughly cleaned and mattified , because it tends to shine, the ideal isuse a purifying mask , such as Mediterranea Cosmetics EveryWeek Purifying Mask or Terme Detoxifying Face Mask. The first is perfect for combination and impure skin, because it balances the production of sebum and counteracts impurities , the second for normal to combination skin or for those who feel tired and stressed skin , perhaps from smog and external agents. If, on the other hand, the skin needs to find deep hydration and tends to dry out and crack, it is better to use richer and more active textures that retain high levels of water in the skin , for example with the EveryWeek Moisturizing Mask.Mediterranea Cosmetics . If, on the other hand, you are always in a hurry and do not like the idea of ​​the shutter speed of a cream mask on the face, you can opt for those in fabric , such as Mediterranea Cosmetics Anti-Age Moisturizing Face Mask, decidedly faster because they do not need to be applied. The package is opened, the preformed fabric is placed on the face and left on for 10 to 20 minutes, then you do not rinse but the remaining serum is massaged. Basic skincare routine: aftershave or moisturizer the allies N.1 to start your routine
Apart from cleansing, these two types of treatments are not to be carried out every day but only as a little extra weekly. Cleansing, that yes, and the first fundamental step of a simplified skincare routine to which, however, at least one other product must be added: the face cream .
It helps to keep the skin hydrated , protects it from external factors , makes it elastic and preserves its tone, avoiding premature aging . There are various types, depending on your skin, which is very moisturizing and nourishing for dry and reddened skin, which is a light and not very full-bodied fluid for combination or oily skin , the important thing is to apply it consistently, morning and evening. Usually the creams with the wording man differ from those considered feminine for the texture, which is much lighter and more rapidly absorbed. They are also fragrance-free or with masculine fragrances, but it is important to look at the active ingredients contained within.
If you usually shave it is important, after shaving , not to apply products containing alcohol on the skin which, inevitably, is more sensitive and perhaps with some small wound. A good aftershave, such as Mediterranea Cosmetics Man After Shave, also present in the gift kit For Him Every Day, not only does not contain it, but contains soothing, moisturizing and rebalancing ingredients. If, on the other hand, you are a fan of a full beard , a separate chapter opens instead, because this too needs specific care and products , just like hair. To start, for example, rely on the boxes that already contain everything you need, such as the Mediterranea Cosmetics Beard Kit , with shampoo, conditioner, beard oil and face serum.
To be alternated with aftershave or if you don’t shave, a face cream to choose according to your skin type . A moisturizer is always a good idea and if quick to apply even better. Man Anti-Aging Cream Mediterranea Cosmetics is ideal, because it is light and quickly absorbed, but perfect forcounteract the first signs of expression or prevent them .
Impure or oily skins must prefer light, non-comedogenic textures in order not to worsen the situation of any pimples, blackheads and shine in the T-zone, rapidly absorbed and with astringent and opacifying active ingredients . And if it also manages to perfect and smooth the complexion in an invisible way, making it uniform as with the Man Invisible Cream by Mediterranea Cosmetics , even better. Because not only women can be uncomfortable with the condition of their skin!

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