For the production of mattresses , a material that, as many know, has revolutionized the market with its characteristics and memory foam . Thanks to its properties it has forcefully entered among the most appreciated furnishing accessories for the bedroom , but some consumers have shown that they do not like one of its few disadvantages, that of retaining heat and therefore not suitable for those who suffer a lot from the heat. in the sultry summer nights .
An alternative proposal introduced on the market only in 2011, that of memory gel mattresses , with a peculiar composition that makes themnew generation mattresses . What are memory gel mattresses? Memory gel mattresses
are commonly defined as ” third generation foam mattresses ” because they represent the natural evolution of memory designed to meet the demands for greater comfort. An essential feature of this viscoelastic foam is in fact the ability to model and adapt to the shapes of the body that they have to support in a more immediate way than traditional memory foam can do . The sensation transmitted and perceived and therefore of increased acceptance, however, the true innovation and the sensation of freshness made possible by gel particles infused into the foam with the aim of eliminating the effect of heat entertained by the mattress. This significantly increases breathability and allows those who suffer from the heat to experience better rest experiences . The advantages of memory gel mattresses
To better understand the real advantages of memory gel mattresses we looked up on the website of a chain of mattress stores in Naples , and we also listened to the opinions of their consultants (if you are interested, the chain is call Bed & Well ).
The comfortand breathability are the qualities that make this type of mattress in great demand : some complain of feeling “trapped” by the common memory foam , which tends to sink around the body. The memory gel offers a different response , as immediate as it is adequate and support during the hours of sleep .
However, the greater and better air circulation and the sensation of freshness are the real pluses of these mattresses; even in the hottest areas, in fact, they ensure the ideal compromise between the necessary lift even for those with postural problems during sleep and the need for aresting surface that transmits a pleasant coolness . The disadvantages of memory gel mattresses
After such a description it would seem difficult to find the actual disadvantages that penalize memory gel mattresses , however the choice of their purchase must be very careful taking into account some factors. Much, indeed everything, depends on your needs and habits : if you live in a place where it is very cold for most of the year , some inconvenience could arise precisely due to the lower temperature characteristics that the resting surface can transmit , making the least comfortable bed. Furthermore, depending on how the underlying polyurethane layers are composed , the memory gel mattress may be too rigid for some compared to preferences. In this case, you could opt for a hybrid mattress , with a traditional pocket spring structure and an upper resting surface or memory gel topper.
Finally, we must necessarily point out that, compared to the common memory foam, the memory gel has on average higher costs . How is the memory gel made?
The cooling of the foam obtained with the memory gelderives from small “beads” of gelatinous material, the keystone to obtain this effect.
This innovative foam is practically enriched by a material that changes physical state by absorbing excess heat, a phase change that allows the effects described so far as well as making it much softer than memory foam .
However, it should be noted that a mattress cannot be entirely composed of memory gel because the body would collapse too much, and a support base is always necessary, i.e. layers or polyurethane sheets that give the mattress rigidity .
The most frequent solution is precisely this, the positioning of thememory gel in the upper layer in contact with the body, but there is no shortage of manufacturers who have experimented with intermediate options by placing, for example, another sheet of waterfoam , a different type of foam for mattresses, in order to mitigate the stiffness effect .

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