Tonight on Cielo at 9.15 pm “Memoirs of a Geisha” will be broadcast, the film tells the story of an orphan who becomes a famous Geisha in Tokyo in the 1930s between the rivalry of other girls and forbidden loves.
Based on Arthur Golden’s novel of the same name, “Memoirs of a Geisha” and a 2005 film directed by Rob Marshall and winner of three Oscars. In the film, the Japanese society of the time is reconstructed with great attention to the uses and customs of the time (it is no coincidence that the film took home the Oscars for photography, scenography and costumes). In Memoirs of a Geisha, don’t miss the splendid poem about lack . “Geishas and Samurai”, exoticism and photography in nineteenth-century Japan
From 18 April to 25 August 2013, Palazzo Ducale in Genoa hosts an exhibition that presents 125 original photographic prints made by the great Japanese and European interpreters of photographic art, at the dawn of its history, between 1860 and the very first years of the twentieth century … Of what talks about “Memoirs of a Geisha”
Kyoto, the eve of the Second World War. Following a fate common to many girls of her own social class, Chiyo at the age of 9 is sent to a school for geishas, ​​where, among a thousand difficulties and suffering the jealousies of other less beautiful women than her, she will learn one of the oldest arts in Japan. . With the stage name of Sayuri, she becomes one of the most sought after geishas in Kyoto. But, behind the wall of appearances, Chiyo has always been in love with the same man: the President. Ancient social conventions stand in the way, prohibiting geishas from falling in love.
After the Second World War, the two will be able to live their love, but only by compromising with the strict rules imposed on geishas.
At the temple there is a poem entitled “the lack”, engraved in stone. There are three words, but the poet has crossed them out. One cannot read the lack, only feel it. The most beautiful phrases of the film
Here are the most beautiful phrases taken from the film “Memoirs of a geisha”
“Even a stone is consumed by a rain that is too strong.”
“This is why dreams can be so dangerous: they smolder like a fire and sometimes consume us completely.”
“Regret is a very particular type of pain; in the face of it we are powerless. It is like a window that opens on her own initiative: the room becomes cold and we can not help but shiver. But each time it always opens a little less, until the day arrives when we ask ourselves what happened to it. ”
“A mind preoccupied with doubt cannot focus on the path to victory.”
“A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the path to victory. Two men are equal, truly equal, only when both have equal self-confidence. ”
“A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the path to victory. Two men are equal, truly equal, only when both have equal self-confidence. ”
“We humans are only a part of something much bigger. We can squat, by walking, a beetle or, by causing a banal blast, push a fly where it probably never would have gone. If we think of this same example, but putting ourselves in the place of insects and attributing the role played by us to the immense universe, we understand perfectly that we are subject every day to the influence of forces that we cannot control, no more than the poor beetle is. able to stop our gigantic foot coming down on him. What can we do
We must use whatever method we have to understand the movements of the universe around us and regulate our actions so that we do not find ourselves fighting against the currents, but moving in tune with them. ”
“Adversity resembles a strong wind, which not only keeps us away from places we might otherwise have gone, but also tears off all the superfluous so that we later see ourselves as we really are, and not as we would like to be.”
“We conduct our existence like water running down the hill, going more or less in one direction until we hit something that forces us to find a new course.”

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