At this point in the game we already have more than clear what are the most trending haircuts, highlights and hairstyles of the summer. It could be said that we practically have a master’s degree in hair trends , although, after seeing the latest developments in coloration , we have realized that we were missing the most important one.
If this summer the illuminage highlights are the ones that have conquered women who seek to give light to their hair in a natural way, the melting nude are the definitive highlights with a rejuvenating effect with which women over 50 lighten their hair. This technique, combined with waves with a disheveled effect, more in trend in summer, has completely conquered mature women , who do not stop asking for it in hairdressers.
When it comes to lightening the hair there are so many techniques and procedures that sometimes it is difficult to know which are the most suitable for our hair. Above all, considering that each mane has its own needs and that each woman seeks a different result when it comes to lightening her hair. In the case of the melting nude highlights , the choice is unanimous.
Women over 50 have seen in this type of highlights the best allies when it comes to rejuvenating the face, one of the aspects that mature women take into account when altering the color of their hair .
We have already said that there are many highlights with which to lighten hair, that is why it is normal for you to wonder what is special about melting nudes and why their rejuvenating effect has conquered women over 50.
Melting nudes are highlights which are carried out through a technique that combines various shades of reflections with the base color of your own hair, so that the hair is lightened in a very (but very natural) way. It is a kind of fade , in which the color transitions are imperceptible, which achievesbring a lot of life and movement to the hair , something essential when it comes to rejuvenating a face.
As the years go by, the hair becomes poorer, so resorting to a technique that gives it vitality is one of the key factors when it comes to presenting a fresher and more natural appearance. In the case of the face, resorting to coloring techniques that lighten our hair is a good way to illuminate areas of our hair and thus soften our features and achieve that rejuvenating effect that we like so much.
The melting nudeThey are highlights that are based on a simple coloring technique that adapts to each face and that illuminates and highlights the frontal areas. Best of all, in addition to the rejuvenating effect that has conquered women over 50, is that it does not require short-term maintenance , since it does not create any root effect.

How do you get melting nude highlights

We have already said that it is a fairly simple procedure . The melting nude, like the classic balayage highlights, is done in fine strands but with different shades of blonde and nude (which are nothing more than natural hair shades) to achieve a fusion of degraded and natural shades.. Unlike other types of highlights, melting nudes are suitable for all types of hair, without distinction between blonde, dark or brown .
That they are highlights suitable for both blondes and brunettes is due to the fact that with this technique up to three shades can be lightened at the same time , so the lightening will be quite similar to what the hair itself does naturally. In that sense, and as we said before, the melting nudes need little maintenance because they do not cause the dreaded root effect . One more reason for women over 50 to love these highlights with a rejuvenating effect and bet on them to lighten their hair this summer.

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