Melendi has given the voice to the villain of How to train your dragon 3, the latest installment of this saga that will be released next February 22 and for which he has also composed the song The sky will never change , two new steps forward in his race.
“They say that instead of a singer I am a pokemon, because I have evolved so much . I started making songs when I was 16 years old. It is true that there is a change and an evolution, which I appreciate that people realize. And now this in one more step. The only thing I know is that how I think today I will surely not think tomorrow”, the artist assured in an interview with Europa Press.
Melendi acknowledges that he has had to leave his “comfort” zonewith this project. Doing voice actor for the first time is not an easy task, he says. “It requires a lot of preparation. You don’t see the movie, you see some sketches with some codes, you don’t have the context, etc. It’s a character, also, with many nuances, it’s ironic. Sometimes you don’t know what context the scene is in and neither do I. I know English, and the dubbing came in English. It was complicated but nutritious. I like to get into these gardens, “he says.
However, he thinks that “playing bad” is easier than playing Hiccup, the protagonist of this story. “I don’t know if I would repeat the experience, never say I won’t drink this water,” he adds.
The singer admits that he is a faithful follower of this sagaand that he has seen all of them with his children. Therefore, despite the fact that he was “strange” when he was asked to do the soundtrack, he says that it seemed like a challenge.
“With the song I wanted to convey that we have to take care of ourselves and not forget to fight for what we want because in the end the path itself is already a success. I think that in society we have very confused things and I would like my children to They will not forget their illusion, what they want to do, that they commit to something that makes them happy,” he asserts.
How to Train Your Dragon 3 is a story about coming of age , the search for the courage to face the unknown, and the difficulties of leaving the past behind.
What began as an unexpected friendship between a young Viking and the fearsome dragon Night Fury has turned into an epic adventure that has spanned their lives. As ruler of Berk Island alongside Astrid, Hiccup has created a delightfully chaotic utopia plagued by dragons.
But when the sudden appearance of a female Night Fury coincides with the darkest threat the village has ever faced, Hiccup and Toothless must leave behind the only home they’ve ever known to journey to a hidden world that seemed only myth. As they discover their destinies, dragon and rider will fight together _ to the ends of the Earth _ to protect what they love.

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