In the heart of the Sea of ​​the Hebrides , in the Scottish Highlands , the island of Rum isnature, sea, mountains and even castles. A small paradise of about 100 square kilometers with amazing landscapes , representative of the most beautiful images of an almost magical Scotland: waterfalls, impressive cliffs, wild horses in freedom, beaches, green meadows that merge with the rock, the snowy mountain range in winter – from which you can see the immensity of a bright blue sea, and Kinloch, the huge and beautiful castle that closes the idyllic image of an island that could well be the dream vacation destinationalmost for anyone. A remote place to get lost from such a crowd for a few days. Or even to live and miss it forever. Because Rum does not want to become a desert island and they have launched themselves to look for inhabitants on the Internet.
Currently, Rum does not have a native population , but is inhabited by about 30 people who live in the town of Kinloch , in the eastern part of the island. There is no church or bar, and it only has a small school, a post office, a shop (actually both are in the same establishment) and a community meeting room.
So they have proposed to fill it with people and incidentally bring business and wealth so that it is not definitively depopulated .and abandoned. ” We are looking for dynamic people or families willing to fit into the lifestyle of the island and to help improve this young community” , explain its members on a website, in which they offer work and cheap rent to all people . who want to live on the island. In Rum, some ‘eco-friendly’ houses

are being built with “accessible” rents (at 495 euros) for the future inhabitants of Rum. The houses will be ready in two months; and to work they have launched various offers on the island itself: from jobs in fish farms to tourism or education. And beware, there is also broadband Internet.
Precisely, in the ‘cole’

. Two in primary school and one in infant school, so for the Rum community the priority is “families with children” with whom they can fill the places in the small school.
It is true that it takes a lot of courage to leave everything and go to a place so different from our cities, but if living and having a job in paradise is not enough reward, there is at least one other consolation: in Rum, interpersonal distance is more than assured .

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