Flowers have always represented a highly appreciated ornament for their variety, their delicate and soft colors or, on the contrary, bright and gaudy. Here then, based on their characteristics, flowers have always been used to embellish furnishings, prints of clothes and tapestries, but also to decorate hairstyles and jewels.
But since there has been the art of tattooing , flowersthey have always been one of the favorite subjects of those who love to communicate through their language, their nuances and their refinement. Flowers also have their own precise language, often used to communicate emotions and feelings of various kinds: for this reason they have always been used in tattoos to communicate a message or a way of being. In particular, among the most loved and appreciated flowers to be reproduced in the form of a tattoo, there is the lotus flower . Here are the meanings and some ideas for a lotus flower tattoo . Lotus flower:
scenographic meaning in its extreme simplicity, elegant and delicate, the lotus flowerbrings with it a series of very important values: its history derives from Asian culture and is intertwined with the beliefs of the Buddhist religion. The lotus flower, according to these cultures, represents purity and spiritual elevation with respect to the earthly desires of everyday life, because this delicate flower manages to emerge in all its beauty even in the most muddy waters, testifying to the its value.
Ideas for tattooing a lotus flower – Source: Pinterest
Still in Asian religions, the lotus flower is associated with spirituality and it is no coincidence that many Buddhist deities are represented in the act of meditation while they are sitting right on a lotus flower. Its purityIt is also scientifically proven because the lotus flower has the particular ability to remove the particles of impurities from itself while remaining intact and pure. Lotus flower tattoo: why do it and where to do it
Why get a lotus flower tattoo done
The reasons can be many: you may wish to represent, through this type of tattoo, your will for purity and elegance, the desire for a greater spirituality and to abandon excessively earthly desires to give one’s life greater wisdom and awareness.
The lotus flower tattoo can also express a desire for rebirthafter a difficult period of its existence, just as the magical flower rises from the swampy waters, intact and beautiful. The flower of them in the form of a tattoo can also express the desire to embrace Buddhist theories or one’s love for meditation and for meditative disciplines such as yoga, so much so that there is also a position of this discipline that is inspired by its own. to the lotus flower. Also, the lotus flower is one of the hottest tattoos in 2019!
Lotus flower tattoo ideas – Source: Pinterest
There are therefore many reasons that can lead to getting a lotus flower tattoo, as well as the points in which it is possible to make it happen. Each part will certainly represent a different awareness. For example, you can have the lotus flower tattooed on the shoulder or neck, arm or wrist, even on the leg or ankle, alone or together with other subjects. In Japan, for example, the lotus flower tattoo is often associated with the Koi fish which, according to Japanese culture, also represents strength and individuality. Lotus flower tattoo: some ideas
The meanings conveyed by the tattooed lotus floweron the skin also vary according to the colors with which it is made. The blue lotus flower, for example, is one of the most hermetic and mysterious as it never reveals its interior. According to the symbolism, this lotus flower tattoo testifies to wisdom, knowledge and the prevailing of the spirit over the senses.
The red lotus flower is linked to love, passion and compassion: those who choose this tattoo put the heart in the foreground. The pink lotus flower, sometimes mistakenly confused with white, is the most special lotus flower tattoo of all because it is directly linked to the divinity of Buddha. Finally the white lotus flower, one of the purest ever, represents uncontaminated nature, the perfect balance of the spirit and is usually drawn with 8 petals. The meaning of the lotus flower tattoo also changes depending on whether the flower is represented closed or open.

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