The results of the June 17 European 2020 matches respect the predictions of the day before but the winning teams had to work hard to get the better of their opponents. The UkraineMacedonia match was held at the National Arena in Bucharest and saw Ukraine win a very tough match 2-1; then Denmark and Belgium faced each other at the Parken stadium and the Red Devils recovered, winning 2-1, thanks to the entry of De Bruyne . Finally, the Netherlands defeated Austriaat Johan Cruijff Arena , dominating from start to finish.

Match Results June 17 European Championships 2020 – Ukraine vs Macedonia Ukraine beats Macedonia and secures 3 key points for their hopes of reaching the second round but the game is less simple than expected, due to an opponent never tame
; Macedonia’s heart is truly commendable and the players of this national team deserve a big round of applause for their self-denial and dedication.
The game has two faces and in the first half and Sheva ‘s team , lined up with a 4-3-3 that also becomes 4-1-4-1, to prevail, creating several chances. At 29 ′ Ukraine goes on the net withYarmolenko , on the development of a corner kick, after a siege, which does not turn into a goal also for the skill of the goalkeeper Dimitrievski who foils several threats.
The author of the advantage 5 minutes later sends Yaremchuk into the goal who beats the goalkeeper and signs the doubling of Ukraine. Macedonia starts very contracted and the coach, surprisingly, dismisses Pandev and Elmas in attack, playing without the first striker. Angelovski ‘s team showed up only for a shot from Elmas just out and a goal with a spoon at the end which was canceled in Pandev.
In the second half, the Macedonian coach lined up Trajkovski next toPandev and the music changes; after a couple of minutes, in fact, Ademi seriously engages Bushcan with a nice shot. At minute 57, then, Alioski transforms a penalty on the rebound and shortens the distance of the Macedonians, literally reopening the game. Macedonia takes courage and Ukraine appears very frightened, so the situation is completely reversed compared to the first part of the game . The Macedonians create more chances but Ukraine have the opportunity to end the game by benefiting from a penalty, which Malinovsky is blocked by the excellent Macedonian goalkeeper.

Denmark vs Belgium
The match gives a sudden jolt after 2 minutes when Belgiumwrong setting; Poulsen took advantage of it and beat goalkeeper Couttois with a precise diagonal from the edge of the area. Belgium reacted with a shot from Mertens, surprisingly on the pitch, but then Denmark dominated throughout the first half, largely legitimizing the advantage. Mahele is the best in the field and the attackers of the Red Devils practically do not see the ball for the entire first fraction.
In the second half there is the turning point, represented by the entry of Kevin De Bruyne and the newfound streak of Lukaku . At the beginning of the second half, in fact, the Inter player starts with one of his bucks, it burnsKjaer serves the City midfielder who puts Hazard in front of the goal for the 1-1. In the 70th minute Lukaku performs in a serpentine in which he jumps two men and, after a textbook action with 4 passes as before, the ball reaches De Bruyne who pierces the goalkeeper with a great blow from his left. Belgium play better but Denmark do not give up and take a cross with Braithwaite , on a header.
The game is very balanced and Martinez ‘s teamhe wins it thanks to his singles and also to a bit of luck, because the draw would have been perhaps more fair. There was no shortage of emotions and the most intense occurred at 10 ‘of the first half, when the game stopped and the whole stadium honored the Danish number 10 Eriksen.

Match Results June 17 European Championships 2020 – Holland vs Austria
The Netherlands have a relatively easy game because they unlock it already at 10 ‘on a penalty converted by Depay with a nice shot in the corner. The attacker himself devoured himself shortly after the doubling, propitiated, like the penalty, by an error by Alaba , who did not play his best game, perhaps due to the continuous changes of role. Even at the end of the first half,Depay once again graces Austria by shooting high.
In the second half the domination of the Netherlands continues, which touches the goal with De Ligt on a corner kick and then doubles with Dumfries , following an opportunity started once again by Depay’s foot. Alaba becomes dangerous in the 80th minute with a shot from distance but the Netherlands keeps the result and goes to the second round as before the group. Austria will play
the next round against Ukraine and the goal difference will also count and it will certainly be a very close match.

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