The article on Match Results on June 14 of the European Championships 2020 focuses on the results of the following matches: Scotland – Czech Republic, Poland – Slovakia and Spain – Sweden. The first took place at the Hampden Park stadium in Glasgow, the second at the St. Petersburg stadium and the last at the Olimpico de la Cartuja.
The match between Scotland and the Czech Republic offered a great show as the teams faced each other blow for blow. The Czech Republic won because of the higher technical rate but Scotland she always tried and never gave up; the data on ball possession shows that the Scots put a big heart into it and were also unlucky.
The Poland -Slovakia match was also quite balanced and the Slovaks won because they were more cynical. He disappointed Lewandoski , not the usual penalty area hawk we all know. Excellent performance by Skriniar both in defensive and offensive phases, having scored the decisive goal.

Spain-Sweden and, on the other hand, it was a monologue with the absolute dominance of the Red Furies, who, however, failed to bring home the three points and Slovakia at the moment is in first place in the group.

Match Results June 14 European Championships 2020 – Scotland vs Czech Republic
The first half sees a substantial balance between the two teams and, in addition to what happens on the pitch, the Scottish fans, with their constant cheering from the team, contribute to the show. Already at minute 15 ‘we see that Shick is in great shape because he concludes on a cross from Jankto and the goalkeeper Marshall makes a nice save. Scotland try with Dykes and Robertson but the Czech goalkeeper threats. At the end of the first half, the Czech Republic took the lead with Shick’s header, prompted by a cross from Coufal.
In the second half, theScotland seems to be playing better and is very unlucky when Hendry ‘s cross bar is beaten. The Czech goalkeeper Vaclik, shortly after, performs a splendid shot of the kidneys that saves the result on an almost own goal by his defenders; this goalkeeper is a real miracle.
Scotland continues their siege but the Czech Republic still puts them inside in the 52nd minute with Shick who, from a counterattack action, sees the goalkeeper Marshall out of the posts and shoots from midfield. The trajectory is perfect and this is certainly one of the most beautiful goals in the history of the European football championships. Scotland tries withDykes with a close touch but goalkeeper Vaclik performs another miracle and saves his team. The Scots are never dominated and in the final on a scrum there is another attempt towards the goal that ends high.

Results Matches June 14 European Championships 2020 – Poland vs Slovakia
The match between Poland and Slovakia recorded, against all odds, the latter’s victory, with the score of 2 goals to 1. Poland starts better and becomes dangerous with Lewandowski but at 18 minutes the cold shower arrives for Paulo Sousa ; Mak kicks in the goal, the ball hits the post, carom hits Szczesny and ends up in the net. The Juventus goalkeeperand, therefore, an involuntary and, perhaps, innocent protagonist of the Polish disadvantage. After a couple of Poland’s chances, Kucka ‘s doubled up with a shot that went out just over the crossbar.
At the start of the second half, Linetty immediately equalized the score with a nice diagonal that mocked the goalkeeper Dubravka. At 62 minutes, however, Krychowiak got sent off, obviously penalizing his team. A few minutes later, in the 69th minute, Skriniar, on the development of a corner kick, finds a space to kick and beat the Polish goalkeeper, scoring the decisive goal. In the end, Lewandovski and Bednarek try but fail to avoid a heavy defeat.
For Polandand a bad result because they will be forced to win against Spain and Sweden to have hope while Slovakia can now think big.

Match Results June 14 European Championships 2020 – Spain vs Sweden
In the first half of the match between Spazia and Sweden , the Red Furies keep possession of the ball 79% of the time, which is a very high percentage. Jordi Alba , in particular, in the first half hour is a thorn in the side of the Swedish defense but the number of shots on goal for Spain is 3 while Sweden only shoots once; on that occasion Isac hits a defender and the ball then hits the post. Goalkeeper Olsen,moreover, he was certainly the best of his by performing in splendid parades. If Mourinho has seen the game, maybe he keeps it at Roma. It must also be said that Morata missed a goal only in front of the goalkeeper, shooting to the side.
The second half proceeds along the same lines as the first, with Spain holding the ball but shooting hardly on goal, Morata misses the goal and Sweden threatening to sting. Isak, in fact, author of an excellent performance, even if surrounded by 3 opponents puts it in but Berg misses the goal from a meter. Spain almost always attack but both the Swedish defense and goalkeeper Olsen do a good job and tear the Iberians to equalize.

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