Veronica Forque’s mood swings in MasterChef Celebrity have not gone unnoticed by the program’s followers. As soon as he takes care of his companions, he scolds them for no reason, or starts to cry. The question “what’s wrong with Veronica Forque
is repeated like an echo on social networks, but the answer is not simple.

Too many losses (her brother Alvaro at 61 years old, her mother, her aunt Begona…), her separation from “Manolito” (Manuel Iborra) as she calls him, a daughter, Maria Forque, so daring –or more– that his mother. La Forque is an institution in Spanish cinema (she is the actress with the most Goya awards, although she is “tired” of being reminded of it), but at 65boasts of an irritating humility, an extravagant Zen side, and some outbursts of rage that leave anyone unsettled at least.

Veronica Forque’s life has always revolved around her work.This year, without going any further, the premiere of two films is planned –A thousand kilometers from Christmas and Mirror, mirror–, and his time on MasterChef promises even mythical moments. The actress enjoys recognition, but also great tranquility and a certain anonymity in Madrid, the city where she lives. She is an eccentric diva, yes, but she is also demanding, hard-working, intelligent and empathic.
Veronica started in the world of cinema working on films for her father, the famous producer Jose Maria Forque,at the beginning of the 70s, until she became a famous comedy actress, pigeonholed in the characters of a simple woman, during the 80s
. In 1995, after participating in series such as Ramon y Cajal (1982), El jardin de Venus (1983), Broken dishes (1988), and Eva and Adan, marriage agency (1990-1991) , her great television success came from the hand of her ex-husband’s producer, Bombon Helado SL Pepa and Pepe premiered on Television Spanish in 1996 and was the realistic and hooligan antidote to the sweetened Family Doctor, which began to be broadcast that same year.
MasterChef Celebrity has made this interpreter known to the new generations, who will not remember the prostitute in What have I done to deserve this
, nor have they delighted in her comedic appearance in Kika , when Veronica was Almodovar’s muse. Precisely in this film he coincided with Victoria Abril, now an opponent in culinary talent, who in the last installment defined her as “savage”.

Pepa y Pepe was one of the first rebellious sitcoms on television. It only had two seasons and a total of 34 episodes. It dealt with the life of a middle-class family struggling to make ends meet.Pepa (Veronica Forque) is a woman who works in a Mexican food bar, the Tex Mex Sausalito, but where they dress like baseball players – although in the first episode she was a cleaner. Pepe (Tito Valverde) paints dolls and has a pet shop. Maria (Maria Adanez) is the eldest daughter and dreams of being an actress and model. Clara (Silvia Abascal) is the middle daughter and is a non-conformist, a lover of Nirvana and Radiohead and comics gores. And Jorge (Carlos Vilches) is the youngest son, and he hardly speaks. The family is completed by Aunt Julia (Isabel Ordaz), Pepa’s best friend, a woman who works in the cinema, extravagant and very scattered in her thoughts.
We could classify it in the genre of magical realism, because in it there is even an alien abduction, when the aliens take the character played by Juan Echanove after a date with Aunt Julia. A politically incorrect series in which everyone smokes –we even see Pepa smoking with Maria, whose character is a minor–, in which problems are debated drinking whiskey or vodka dry (Maria also drinks to forget her boyfriends in presence of his mother) and in which the issue of homosexuality is even advanced.In his own way, obviously. Angel de Andres Lopez, who plays Pepe’s brother, a full-fledged man with a wife and children, decides to come out of the ‘closet’ because he is fed up with his double life with an unfaithful wife and a male lover. Something that in Pepa and Pepe’s house is explained by saying that Uncle Rafa “has become a fagot”, and even his old father crosses his face for “manflorita”. The one who takes it best, of course, is Pepa, who has a lesbian hairdresser and an ex-boyfriend from a gay youth.
His last television appearance before MasterChef was in La que se avecina.It was shortly after separating from Manuel Iborra after 35 years together and realizing that she was no longer in love with him. The actress was going through a depression at the time (2014), and comedy helped her get out of it. “For me it was very good because I had to leave home, I had to study and work (…) It was a rush and great luck,” she confessed in an interview. A self-made actress who has been reborn thanks to cooking.

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