He killed 77 people in 2011. He has been in prison for 10 years and still has 11 years to serve. Today he showed up in court to ask for an early release on probation. And he made the Nazi salute several times . And Anders Behring Breivik , the far-right killer responsible for the massacres in Oslo and Utoya , a small island 40 kilometers from the Norwegian capital, which has become infamous for the carnage of young Labor gathered there for a summer camp. Breivik has always proudly declared himself responsible for the gesture, calling himself “the greatest defender of conservative culture in Europe since 1950”. “I’m changed”
Today’s hearing – before the Telemark District Court (southern Norway), which was held in a gymnasium in Skien prison, where Breivik is being held – was called to assess the killer’s request for parole. , strong in the fact that he has “changed”, as he himself declared. But the man showed up in court giving the Nazi salute several times and with a white supremacist symbol on his jacket and on a hand-held sign.
The fear, in fact, is that Breivik (42) has made this request because he is the leader of a Norwegian neo-Nazi movement, wanting to use the audience more to express his white supremacist views than for a serious attempt to obtain an early exit, convinced which in any case would not be granted to him. Especially the survivors and the families of the victims fear him. The “special” clause
In 2012, the year of his sentence, Breivik was imposed a maximum sentence of 21 years . With one substantial difference from other prisoners: a clause, rarely used in the Norwegian judicial system, which provides that the offender can be detained indefinitelyif still considered a danger to society. Hence, Brevik can request a probation hearing after ten years. On the one hand, the clause probably implies a life sentence, on the other it also opens up the possibility that Breivik could request annual hearings on parole.
The court will have to assess whether Breivik is still dangerous to the company and whether there is a need for “extra” protection against him, thus keeping him in detention. The hearing is expected to last three days, but it will take several weeks before the decision is announced. According to experts, he is unlikely to be granted an early release. So far, Breivik has always remained isolated from other inmates. The facts of 2011
It was July 22, 2011 when, after months of painstaking preparations, Breivik detonated a car bomb in front of the Oslo government headquarters , killing eight people and injuring dozens. Then I drive to the island of Utoya, where you open fire on the annual summer camp of the Labor Party’s youth wing: 69 people were killed, most of them teenagers, before the killer surrendered to the police. In 2012 he was convicted and the court defined him as capable of understanding and willing, rejecting the prosecutor’s thesis that he was psychotic; Breivik did not appeal. During the 2012 trial he walked into the courtroom every day saluting with a clenched fist and telling the parents of the victims that he wanted to kill more people.

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