We continue the presentation to young millennials, but not only to them, of the Witnesses of Italy who in the various sectors of society have contributed to representing the best of our society as examples of dedication to improving the common good, to the realization of important solidarity projects. and objectives in the field of science and technology.
Today we remember Maria Romana De Gasperi.
“Contemporary man listens more willingly to witnesses than to teachers, or if he listens to teachers he does so because they are witnesses” (Apostolic Exhortation of Paul VI Evangelii nuntiandi
, n. 41) to miss, due to cardio-circulatory complications, Maria Romana De Gasperi, daughter of the great statesmanAlcide de Gasperi who, as head of the government and Secretary of Christian Democracy, was the undisputed protagonist of the Reconstruction of Italy after the Second World War.
Firstborn of Alcide and Francesca Romani , she was the protagonist of her father’s political commitment, first in favor of the restoration of the democratic path in Italy, during the second world war and then as his personal assistant during the period of the presidency of the Council of Ministers.
Maria Romana De Gasperi subsequently dedicated herself to spreading the work and to the thought of the great statesman through exhibitions, conferences and testimonies.
As part of this constant commitment, 40 years ago, you contributed to the establishment of the De Gasperi Foundation.
Maria Romana De Gasperi was also Honorary President of the Nuclear Peace Committee, promoted by Civilta dell’Amore, whose President and Eng. Giuseppe Rotunno, member of the Scientific Committee of the Christian Democracy Foundation / Fiorentino Sullo.
Maria Romana De Gasperi was a deeply Christian and practicing woman and left a great legacy of responsibility, honesty and service for the good of all.
His friend Giuseppe Rotunno publicly recalled the many battles both on the side of nuclear Peace and on the side of development micro-projects for the poor in the world, so thanks to you the program of the Civilta dell’Amore Association has made significant progress.
The example of Maria Romana De Gasperi and, consequently, of her pope, Alcide De Gasperi, inspired a lot of courage to pursue the goals for the realization of thousands of micro-projects in developing countries, but also the conversion of over 20,000 nuclear warheads. in energy of Peace with the US / Russia agreements, which are now subject to a halt due to the serious war crisis in Ukraine.
For this promotion for Peace, Maria Romana De Gasperi received the high recognition of the “Atoms for Peace 2010” Award in Assisi.
Certainly the testimony of her and for millennials in the digital age, a great example of courage and dedication to promote the common good, to support projects for peace and the denuclearization of arms.
In Evangelii nuntiandi, it is emphasized that testimony is not simple coherence, but rather, it refers to the “mystery of God. The” witness “, in fact, does not indicate himself, but attests to the event he” saw “and of to which it was “made participant”.
Like when someone is called to testify in a trial about a fact: the “witness” must certify what really happened. Sure he must be credible, but the event he talks about is what really interests his listeners.
It is for this reason that the Evangelii nuntiandi then underlines, alongside the testimony of life, the importance of the word and of culture as constitutive dimensions of the proclamation of the Gospel.
Today, in the ongoing crisis for the war in Ukraine, people of this ethical and moral stature would be needed to convert the new war underway in Europe into an occasion for a new Peace, just as its pope had waged after the Second World War.
On behalf of the President of the Christian Democracy / Fiorentino Sullo Foundation and the 89 Members of the Scientific Committee, I express my heartfelt condolences to the De Gasperi Family and we address a prayer that Maria Romana De Gasperi may receive the gift of the Beatific Vision of God in Heaven.

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