Maria Pombo is one of the most relevant influencers in all of Spain and, after having seen her in El Hormiguero, the young woman has earned a little hole in the hearts of the Spanish people. About to give birth to her first child, the influencer has experienced a mountain of emotions in recent months. After learning that she was pregnant , the young woman was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, like her mother.
Despite this, the young woman faces this situation in a positive way since “it is a disease that she knows well” and while she awaits the arrival of her little one, she enjoys the sweet wait giving shape to what is the her home. A home that Madrid has shown on her Instagram account through a video in which she takes a tour of her entire house .
“Welcome to our home,” says the influencer as she opens the door of her house with her husband, Pablo Castellanos, who has been in charge of transforming the house they bought. Through the video, which lasts 24 minutes, the couple shows the before and after of the stays. The change, as his followers comment, has been impressive. From the living room to the kitchen, passing through the rooms, the reform and its result is absolutely spectacular. Although, the center of all eyes is the fabulous dressing room that the influencer has built. We are sure that if Carrie Bradshaw saw it, she would want one exactly like hers. And who doesn’t

Maria Pombo’s dream dressing room
Through her Instagram account, Maria Pombo had already shared images of her dressing room with her followers. The young woman had assured that it was her favorite part of the house. It is not for less. It is a dressing room decorated in wood and wicker, very diaphanous, with a white chest of drawers in the center, a patterned design rug and ideal wicker mirrors.
The perfect place for the influencer to study all her looks. We don’t know if she, like us, fell in love with the dressing room that Carrie Bradshaw asks Mr. Big for and has finally made her dream come true. Be that as it may, Maria Pombo has managed to turn an old and lifeless room into the little corner she had always dreamed of.
“Here is the before and after of my dressing room, one of my favorite parts of the house. Photo three is from almost a year ago, when we went to visit the house for the second time and we already knew it was going to be the definitive one”, The influencer previously shared on her Instagram profile.

Maria Pombo bets on her tradition in her new house

From her As if the detail of the dressing room were not enough, the house has two floors. It is a duplex with stairs that connect the living room, the kitchen and a small garden -with a swimming pool included- with the upper floor, where the rest of the rooms are located. With warm colors , full of details and with a lot of personality, this is the home where Maria Pombo lives and where she intends to start a family.
In addition to the details of style, their house also has the latest technology , such as the huge TV or the smart fridge they have chosen. But the traditional touches are not lacking either , since they have chosen to avoid the ceramic hob for cooking, betting on the classic fires. A dream house suitable only for influencers. But with which we can continue dreaming.

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