If there is a woman who never gives up in front of small and big difficulties, that is certainly Mara Venier. The host of Domenica In was the victim of a small accident that made her countless fans worry. The queen of the Sunday afternoon of Rai 1, however, is immediately back on the track, as she demonstrated on Instagram. Mara Venier, the fall on Domenica In
Great concern for Mara Venier, who during the last episode of Domenica In crashed, falling on her face and even breaking her glasses. The incident took her away from the show for a while, leaving Pierpaolo Pretelli at the helm of the show, until she returned to the studio.
“I fell, I want to reassure my husband above allthat at the moment he is not even in Italy, everything is fine Nicola “- explained the presenter albeit tried by the small accident -” I got a blow to the foot, a good twist, a blow to the head, I fell on my face with glasses . I don’t feel like continuing, the blow was very strong. You go ahead Pierpaolo, you can do it
“. In reality Pretelli did not have to take the reins of the show: “Aunt Mara” and she soon managed to get back on the track, although limping and being visibly dejected, she decided to go on.
I don’t give up, they have to bring me down“, He said returning to the studio, demonstrating once again all his grit and determination. However, she left the closing of the episode in the hands of the former gieffino, who was close to her for the entire duration of the live broadcast. Mara Venier, the words after the accident and the affection of friends
About her In the evening the presenter updated her numerous followers on her Instagram, reassuring them about her health conditions . For Venier, it was just a big scare, as she explained on her official profile: “Thank you all for the messages …. it could have been worse …. I’m fine”. And then over the next few hours she reposted the stories of fans who appreciated all of her fortitude.
Obviously beyond the great affection of the fans, the support of friends and colleagues also arrived, who did not fail to support Mara. From Stefania Orlando to Anna Tatangelo, passing through Patrizia Pellegrino, Monica Leofreddi, Angela Melillo, many have commented on the post of the presenter, leaving sweet hearts and words here and there.
There was no lack of comment from Christian De Sica, who wrote to her friend: “Porca zozza, but they’ll throw it at you
A big kiss”. “I think so too”, replied Mara Venier, who also replied to Michelle Hunziker’s comment: “Urge exorcist”.
After all, this fall is only the last of the small unforeseen events that hit Venier in the last period: a few months ago the presenter had to deal with another accident that forced her to be immobilized for a long time (but that did not stop her from conducting her show), while after the summer she had to face a semi facial paresis following a bad tooth operation: Aunt Mara, however, does not give up and always manages to get up, despite everything.

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