In the Galician estuaries of Muros and Noia lives a dolphin popularly known as Manolino . For almost a year this cetacean established a beautiful friendship with Roger , a “navalleiro” who worked collecting razor clams in the shallow waters of the Muros estuary. When he first saw “Manolino” he was not scared because he had already seen him hanging around the area where he worked with his group. Over time, he observed that the animal, every time he changed areas to work, he followed him.
After many months, from the Conselleria do Mar, knowing that the cetacean was constantly approaching the shellfishers of the estuary, he issued a recommendation so that they do not interact with it,

but it was practically impossible since even if they changed areas, the dolphin would find them.
Now, what initially seemed like a curious story between a shellfisher and a dolphin, has started to cause serious problems.The neighbors began to go to the port to swim and photograph the dolphin and over time they came to see swimmers trying to ride on the animal .

The dolphin bit a shellfish

collector Manolino got so close to the work area that he just wanted to play and for the navalleiros to be aware of him . So much so that he even got to bite one of them, breaking his suit and dragging him roughly to the surface: “The knife scares us, it is uncomfortable to work with an animal that wants you to stop your activity to pay attention to it , “says Jorge Senra, the boy who was bitten by the cetacean.
I ended up going to the health center to heal the wounds and undergo a checkup specifically aimed at ruling out a decompression accident.
For the experts of the European Coordinator of Marine Mammals (CEMMA), cases like Manolino’s are solved by moving away from him , avoiding contact, ignoring him. Only then will he stop interacting with humans and you will find a group of your kind to be with.Unfortunately, this solution is not easy since an entire public visits you constantly and feels loved.
Right now, the problems with Manolino are small compared to what could happen when the summer season begins. There are already many voices that in Noia and Muros have requested the intervention of the Xunta or warn of the succession of accidents . The CEMMA experts also stress that interaction with these animals, in addition to being prohibited, could have fatal consequences .

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