If a garment works, you have to get the most out of it. That is the explanation that we find that many of the most fashionable garments of autumn 2021 are revisions or reinterpretations of others that already exist and have been very successful. This is the case of the Mango jumpsuit that mature women have turned into their autumn uniform. It worked last fall and returns this season in a new color .
Although, the most obvious example of success and revision is the knitted dress that Mango has just reinvented to turn it into the garment that is sweeping this autumn, over the most original plaid coat of winter. The fact is that Mango releases all seasonsthe same straight-cut knit dress that we all signed because it is super comfortable, practical and warm and, as is logical, every autumn ends up being sold out.
Aware of the resounding success of the garment, Mango reinvents its most dressy knit dress and changes the straight cut for a flattering trapeze cut, which makes the garment even more comfortable . Hence, it is the garment that sweeps this autumn.
As you can imagine, the success of Mango’s reinvention of the knitted dress is in this new cut. It’s not that we didn’t like the garment before. A dress with a straight cut and long midi is always very flattering, it is that by having a skirt in the shape of a trapeze (evase) women with many curves are equally favored.

Mango’s new knitted dress is a democratization of the garment and we couldn’t like this more. In addition, the trapeze cut is also very flattering for women with an inverted triangle-shaped body, as it helps to harmonize the shoulder area with respect to the hips.
Women with rectangular-shaped bodies also find the best of allies in Mango’s knitted dress, especially if they combine it with a scarf or maxi scarf. The trapezoidal structure and the volume of the scarf or handkerchief will help to break with that rectangular shape.
With a fairly reasonable price (25.99 euros), Mango’s knitted dress comes in two colors(gray and sand) and, in addition to having a trapeze structure, it has a perkins neckline , ideal for women who are more chilly, but who are too overwhelmed with a turtleneck. In short, all the characteristics of the knit dress that Mango reinvents with do more than confirm that it is the star garment of the autumn and that it must be signed yes or yes for the warmest and most versatile looks.

This is the best-selling Mango knit dress of the fall
The knit dress that Mango reinvents is presented in a light fabric, with a straight design, a midi length and a perkins neck. Although its main characteristic and what makes the garment a bestseller is that it has a skirt with a trapeze structure, which makes it a super comfortable design that favors everyone.
Available from size XXS to size XXL, Mango’s best-selling autumn knit dress is priced at 25.95 euros.

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