From XFactor to Eurovision passing through Sanremo: the Maneskin , a rock group formed in 2016 in Rome, is conquering the whole world. Their music, their energy and the no gender glam rock style is truly conquering everyone. The fan base has now become international and, in addition to the songs full of energy, it is the style and attitude of the four boys of the capital to kidnap and make people fall in love.
70s mood, long hair but perfectly styled and a bold , defined make-up where matte black contrasts with the charm of the metallic finish of silver and more. Impossible not to be fascinated by the face looks of Damiano, Victoria, Ethan and Thomas: without genre and distinction of roles between the front man and the rest of the band that takes and dominates his spaces at all times. Attractive and magnetic: for those looking for the Maneskin inspired glam rock look we have selected the best looks, colored or not, to be reproduced at any time to feel, at least a little, part of the coolest rock band of the moment. Back to black
When it comes to glam rock make-up, mascara cannot and must not be missing . Black, very dark dark and with a volumizing formula to emphasize the lashes and open up the eyes even more which, with the use of darker colors, could seem reduced.
Bourjois paris – Glamorous volume
Among the mascara formulas not to be missed there is certainly the glamor volume of Bourjois Paris : a product designed for longer and fuller lashes thanks to the formula enriched with collagen. The zigzag and hourglass-shaped fiber brush allows for an accurate and lump-free application. Green passion
Who says that when it comes to rock the only color to use is pure black.
Playing with shades and balances it is also possible to choose other colors such as green . Definitely unconventional and, if well balanced with a clean face and a mini haircut, it transforms any make-up into a decidedly rock look in an instant!
Deborah – Eyeshadow & kajal pencil in Teal Green Pearly 8
In addition to a green eyeshadow , even with emerald shades, applying a creamy base of the same color allows you to prolong its hold as well as intensify the final look. In addition, a colored and creamy base such as Deborah’s Eyeshadow & kajal pencil will allow you to create shades and color changes with just one product. Magnetic eyes
A magnetic and provocative gaze must absolutely be framed by a dark pencil and, to resume the glam rock mood, black is a must. A slightly soft formula applied to the inside of the eye will then allow you to dirty the outer rim to be blended with your finger or with a flat brush.
Max Factor – Excess intensity longwear eyeliner in 4 Charcoal
Exaggerated, intense and with infinite hold: this is what you need for your eye make-up. Max Factor ‘s automatic pencil , Excess intensity longwear eyeliner , is the perfect choice. Also useful is the automatic format that does not need to be tempered and will be easier even for applications on the go. Red lover
Sometimes just a hint of color is enough to give grit to a classic total black smokey eyes. Red, definitely out of the box and rarely used, is a gamble to try: a light swipe in the inner eye area. Obviously to be balanced with a light face base and total nude lips.
NYX Professional Makeup – Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette in Phoenix 16
The Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette in Phoenix signed by NYX Professional Makeup is an unmissable piece for those who love dark, dark make-up and rock allure. This palette mixes matte and metal finishes for an intense look, moreover the different colors allow it to be combined with many eye colors: from browns to greens passing through honey-colored ones. Rock it! Graphics and well-defined looks are the soul of
glam rock looks! Exaggerated, colorful and reminiscent of David Bowie’s aesthetics: this eye look requires a little dexterity, but the final result is really crazy.
Pat McGrath – EYEdols in Lapis Luxury
To achieve this make-up it is essential to find a hyper pigmented product just like EYEdols in Lapis Luxury created by Pat McGrath , internationally renowned MUA. In this case, it is essential to create a uniform and compact eye base, just like the canvas of a painting. In this case, a lot of precision and make-up remover at hand to correct lines and errors are inevitable. Silver addiction Silver has always been a color that makes rock events unique and rich and, of course, could not be outdone also in eye makeup. This look is decidedly minimal: in fact, only a maxi pencil will be enough to trace and fill the outlined shape.
PUPA Milano – Made to last waterproof eyeshadow in 028 Silver
A maxi creamy pencil that, once dry, ensures a long lasting hold and a full color with a luminous and metallic finish. The Made to last waterproof eyeshadow by PUPA Milano is a cream eyeshadow with multiple functions: base, eye pencil, cream eyeshadow and colored eyeliner. Back to eyeliner Eyeliner does not rhyme with rock, but it is still a fundamental element to reinterpret this musical trend that has always dictated trends in society and in fashion. An eye look is therefore inevitable with this iconic product: a double line that emphasizes the outer corner and the crease of the eyelid.
Essence – Tiny tip eyeliner
Graphic eyeliners need a good dexterity, but this look can be reproduced even by those who are still beginners. The best way is to choose and use a pen eyeliner like the Essence Tiny tip : the felt tip will allow you to outline a defined and clean line. Kiss my lips
Little familiarity with make-up
No clean brush to manage shades and smokey eyes
Sometimes simplicity pays off, even when it comes to make-up. To recreate your glam rock style you can also add just a total black lipstick , preferably with a creamy finish .
KIKO Milano – Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick Black
The black lipstick it is not a common thing, but once you have tried it you will discover its thousand and more merits. To be applied carefully and without smudging, this lipstick is decidedly different from the common canons but on a diaphanous complexion it stands out without fear. The slightly glossed finish of Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick Black by Kiko Milano , then, will also make you discover the use as eyeshadows with a glossy finish: live multitasking.
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