“Oh mama!” it may be the best film that has inspired travel to Greece since the release of “Summer Lovers” in the early 1980s, with multiple locations in the Pelion region, Skopelos and Skiathos. The film, built around ABBA hit songs, tells the story of a daughter trying to figure out who her father is. “Mamma Mia” immediately became a success when it came out in the summer of 2008, also thanks to the splendid locations, which have inspired numerous itineraries in Greece. Let’s find out. “Mamma mia” and the hope found in Greece
Mamma Mia follows a long historical tradition of representing Greece as a place where foreigners can find themselves. Woman, like Lord Byron, Leonard Cohen, the traveling university student in The Magus, or me medisima, and a pilgrim to the healing powers of Greece’s glittering white buildings and the “dark sea of ​​wine”. In Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, the sequel to Mamma Mia, we will see not only how Donna fell in love with her three suitors – but also how she fell in love with Greece.
Although the word “Greece” is only mentioned once in the film (really!), The setting is essential. Those sweeping vistas and winding, hilly paths are a shortcut to everything a Greek island represents in the Western imagination: Enchanted volcanic rocks capable of extending people’s lifespan through slow, sunny rhythms and a diet full of tomatoes. It is said that Meryl Streep herself, when she made the first film in 2008, pressed her palms to a stone rock and encouraged her colleagues to “feel the force”. Mamma Mia channels that “strength”, the almost mystical feeling that comes from being on islands that have been at the center of literature and imagination since ancient times. Meryl Streep, the 7 most beautiful films of the actress
Today is the birthday of Meryl Streep, a true icon of American cinema since the 1970s. We have collected her most beautiful films 100 places, only 1 paradise
The location of the film, known as Kalokairi in “Mamma mia”, is located on the Greek island of Skopelos. One of the Sporades, it is located quite off the east coast of the mainland and was best known for its abundance of plum plants until, in the summer of 2007, I arrived in Hollywood. While the sequel saw filming on the Croatian island of Vis for six weeks, the cast and crew only stayed seven days in Skopelos a decade ago – but they took enough of its wild beauty to turn it into a super coveted destination. .
The name Skopelos, which means “rock”, derives from the limestone cliffs, although the island was chosen specifically for its green landscape. While this is very noticeable, it’s not what comes to mind first considering the blue sky, turquoise water, and bleached white beach in sight. For this reason, the main location of the film was Kastani Beach, in the western part of the island. This pristine Mediterranean dream bay was enhanced upon production with the addition of a jetty and beach bar, none of which has remained (although there is now a bar). You will know Kastani for two scenes in particular: when Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) and her boyfriend Sky (Dominic Cooper) have fun in the surf while singing ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’,Damouchari, Pelion Region
Damouchari is located on the east coast of Greece, about 30 minutes from Volos and directly north of Athens. Although Dmaouchari was primarily where the crew stayed during filming, many of the images captured here were combined with those shot in Skopelos and Skiathos.
Some of Damouchari’s footage was used at the beginning of Mamma Mia, when Christine Baranski and Julie Walters arrive on the island and are greeted by Meryl Streep. Many scenes from the film that include a beach are found at Damouchari’s Blue Beach.
The fictional hotel featured in the film, Villa Donna, was portrayed as being set on the cliffs above Glysteri Beach in Skopelos, but most of Villa Donna’s scenes were shot in a studio in Hollywood and later married to Greek backgrounds. . However, when the dancers in the film pass by Villa Donna through the olive groves, they were filmed in Douchari in the Mouresi area of ​​Greece, along the Pelion coast outside Volos.
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