On social media you see these elaborate tricks, full of colors and shades on the eyes, graphic eyeliner and cut crease and you would like to try them too but, unfortunately, you wear glasses. Especially those who are shortsighted, at least once, will have made this thought. It is difficult to make a makeup with glasses because once you have removed the lenses you have to drastically approach the mirror and, as a result, the brushes do not enter between the face and the mirror.

  • For those who do not see the matter closely, it is easier
  • Those who are nearsighted and cannot see from afar have a harder time putting on make-up: try these tricks
    • Less is more: better make simple tricks that do not require the use of brushes
    • Eyeliner no, shaded pencil yes, but still little and never black
    • An essential accessory to make a make-up with glasses if you are nearsighted: the multiplier mirror
    • Also try the make-up glasses with reversible single lens
    • The simplest but effective trick: focus on the lips and face base

For those who do not see the matter closely, it is easier.
Those who do not see closely are certainly more advantaged in making a make-up with glasses . This is because to put on make-up it will be enough to remove the mirror and still have an overview that allows you to adjust yourself better and allows you to create even more nuanced and elaborate makeup because you can use brushes. Of course, it will still be more difficult to create very graphic tricks or those that require extreme precision because you will not be able to approach the mirror to have greater control over the lines.
However, there remains a whole slice of shaded makeup and smokey eyes with which to indulge in the combination of colors. As always for those who wear glasses, it is better to avoid glitter and too bright eyeshadows, which would create even more reflections on the lenses. Furthermore, since the lenses for those who cannot see closely tend to enlarge the eye, it is better to avoid too light colors that optically enlarge, opting instead for colors a little darker and more intense. Those who are nearsighted and cannot see from afar have a harder time putting on make-up: try these tricks
The question of who is short-sighted or does not see well from a distance is different. In this case, in fact, the need is to bring the mirror as close as possible and therefore, paradoxically, it should be easier to work with precision. However, there is a big “but”, that is, when the mirror is brought close to the face, it is practically impossible to use the brushes, because there is not much possibility of movement in the little space that remains between the face and the mirror. An idea could certainly be to use travel size brushes, usually shorter, but in any case if myopia is advanced, this option is also impractical. Less is more: better make simple tricks that do not require the use of brushes
Coco Chanel advised him and, never as in this case, this quote is proverbial: “Less is more”, or better little than too much. To create a makeup with glasses if you are shortsighted it is essential to do just this mantra, because it is unthinkable to be able to create an elaborate makeup, full of graphics and shades. Not being able to use the brushes, the new tools to use are the fingers and, with the fingers, you can only make simple makeup, not being able to focus on many shades or eyeliner.
Choose an eyeshadow with a medium shade, perhaps a brown one, and apply it all over the mobile eyelid, blending it with the fingertip upwards and outwards, to have less clear edges. The best fingers for blending eyeshadow are the middle and ring fingers, as they exert a more gentle pressure than the index finger. Choose an opaque powder or cream eyeshadow, which is easy to blend before it dries and which guarantees excellent hold.
At this point you can create a light point at the inner corner of the eye with the help of your little finger or choose to give a glam touch to the makeup by applying an eyeshadow to the center of the mobile eyelid, which is not full of glitter or too bright. However, do not use too dark colors because myopia lenses tend to make the eye smaller, as do dark colors, due to an optical effect. Eyeliner no, shaded pencil yes, but still little and never black
For the reason just mentioned above, it is better not to apply the black pencil inside the eye but go ahead with a butter color, which optically tends to make the eye larger. To outline the lash line and give definition, instead, choose a brown pencil: use one that you have had for a while (as long as it has not expired) so that by dint of pinning it has become shorter and easier to handle. Do not make a defined stroke and do not apply it in large quantities: very little is enough and it should be blended outwards but not too much because, in general, the eye shadows and shades must not come out of the eyewear lenses.
Avoid eyeliner which, in addition to being difficult to apply if you do not see well with the risk of creating a black spot, tends to close the eye more in the case of a make-up for those wearing shortsighted glasses . Also no to false eyelashes that would beat against the lenses but yes to the curler if you have them particularly straight, but without curving them too much because otherwise they would touch anyway. Finish the makeup with a lot of mascara and the makeup with glasses is done, it really takes 5 minutes. An indispensable accessory to make a make-up with glasses if you are nearsighted: the multiplier mirror
The multiplier or zoom mirrorit is an accessory to have if you are nearsighted, because it allows you to keep it away from your face but still see yourself closer. There are different types on the market, with various powers of magnification. They are useful not only for makeup but, if you don’t wear contact lenses, also for cleaning your eyebrows or cleaning your face. Seeing is believing, with these mirrors you will also see the pores of the skin that you did not think you had. But don’t be obsessed with imperfections, remember that no one looks at your face with a magnifying glass.
Bestope Illuminated Mirror Multiplier With 10x Magnification
The Bestope mirror is ideal for those who have vision problems or want to see themselves very close because it has a magnification power of 10 times compared to normal vision. Perfect therefore to be able to perform a makeup with glasses if you are nearsighted. In addition, the mirror has a LED light all around to see even better, also being able to choose the temperature of the light between natural, cold and warm.
23,99 EUR
Buy on Amazon Try also make-up glasses with reversible single lens
Another trick to try to make a make-up with glasses for those who are nearsighted is to use make- up glasses with reversible single lens. In practice they are glasses with a single lens of their own gradation, which fit like classic glasses but which leave an eye free. In this way, one eye can be seen normally and one, the one to be made up, will remain without a lens. It will therefore be easier to be able to create a makeup, albeit seeing from one eye, and it is therefore possible to do even more elaborate tricks. Unfortunately, however, they are standard glasses and the gradation does not cover very strong myopia, but it can still be an extra help.
Mini Brille Makeup Glasses With Reversible Lens
The Mini Brille reversible single-lens make-up glasses have a single lens that moves from right to left, leaving one eye free but allowing the other to see. They are therefore designed for those who wear glasses and do not use contact lenses to make make-up easier, they are compact and easy to carry with you.
12,75 EUR
Buy on Amazon The simplest but effective makeup: focus on lips and face base
Another trick not to be underestimated when it comes to makeup with glassesi, however, is always to focus not so much on eye makeup, but on that of the lips and the face base. Create a well-groomed face base, smoothing out all discolorations and neutralizing imperfections. Sculpt the face with contouring, in order to rebalance it as much as possible since the lenses of the glasses already slightly deform the features, especially if glasses to correct myopia. Then choose an intense lipstick, even colored colored, that matches your complexion and the shape of your lips. Outline them with a pencil for a precise and graphic effect, thus giving a light volumizing optical effect and apply your favorite lipstick, then taking care to clean up the edges to make them perfect, clear and defined.

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