Siamo ormai bombardati da tutorial su ogni social che ci insegnano a truccarci, tra consigli e spunti utili e divertenti, ma anche tanti errori ed inesattezze. Specie per chi e alle prime armi, truccarsi puo risultare piu complicato del previsto, non capendo da che parte rifarsi, cosa e giusto e sbagliato e il rischio e quello di ottenere l’effetto contrario: anziche migliorare l’aspetto e coprire i difetti, un make up sbagliato finisce per enfatizzare i punti deboli e far apparire il viso affaticato e segnato. Vediamo insieme quali sono gli errori makeup piu frequenti e come evitarli con consigli e piccole astuzie da utilizzare per il trucco da tutti i giorni.

  • Attenzione alla scelta del fondotinta: ne troppo chiaro ne troppo scuro
  • The blush gives a health effect to an uneven effect
  • Lip makeup mistakes: how to choose the right lipstick
  • In order not to let the eyeshadow go into the creases, remember the primer
  • Essay says: no to metallic eyeshadows on fixed eyelids
  • No to too dark eyeshadows if you have sunken eyes
  • Stop mistreating your brows, which are key in makeup
  • Don’t apply too much concealer under the eyes or on pimples
  • If you use the lip pencil, here’s how not to make a mistake in choosing
  • Before makeup, pay attention to the face base

Pay attention to the choice of foundation: neither too light nor too dark
Among the most common makeup foundation mistakes there is certainly the choice of the wrong product. Not so much in terms of skin type or yield but, starting from the basics, makeup mistakes in choosing the right shade. Often, especially those who are very light-skinned, tend to buy darker foundations to look more tanned but it can also happen that those with a darker complexion make a mistake in the shade of foundation by buying it lighter. Whatever the case may be, it is important to choose exactly a foundation of your skin color so as not to create a gap between the face and the neck.
Also pay attention to the choice of undertones: broadly speaking, for a cold complexion the foundation will be more rosy, for a warm complexion it will be more yellow, for a neutral one the perfect mix of both. Try and apply some foundation along the jaw and underneath, then wait a minute so that the product adapts to the skin. In fact, in contact with the air, the foundation could oxidize and therefore darken. At this point with a mirror positioned in natural light and observe the skin: a perfect foundation for your complexion will be almost imperceptible, you will not notice any gap between jaw and neck. The blush gives a health effect to an uneven effect
Unless your intent is to create a very particular, almost editorial look, try not to apply too much blush or in any case to blend it very well, in order not to obtain a “Heidi effect”. The golden rule of blush called American is “blend blend blend” which translated means fades until the product is well blended with the rest of the makeup. An excellent idea, if you are a beginner, is to rely on a cream blush, to be applied after the foundation but before the powder. Apply a little and blend with your fingers or a brush with synthetic bristles, in this way the product blends completely to the base of the face. In case you have applied too much, then just go over the brush or sponge with which you applied the foundation to soften the effect.
Cream blush is also great for trying and figuring out how much blush you like and where to place it. As for the powder blush, on the other hand, to avoid stains that are difficult to blend and recover, first of all it is good to pass a veil of powder all over the face, so that the foundation is drier. At this point, take very little product, especially if you don’t know how pigmented the blush is and apply it from the middle of the cheek outwards, never the other way around. Then continue to blend and, if necessary, add product until you have obtained the desired intensity and shape. If you apply too much, you can always try to dilute it a little with the brush and powder. Lip makeup mistakes: how to choose the right lipstick
As for lip makeup mistakes, let’s start immediately with an advice, what a mistake it is not but it can still be useful to you. In general, keep in mind that dark colors tend to optically shrink (in fact that is why we often wear black, no
: P) and therefore the lips will be thinner and thinner. If you already have them like this, it’s better to avoid them or, in any case, apply a little gloss in the center. Keep in mind that, especially for liquid lipsticks, dark colors are more difficult to apply and even touch up any errors. Proceed with a lip pencil first and then fill in the outline or, even better, use a brush so you can manage the product more easily. In order not to let the eyeshadow go in the creases, remember the primer
A mistake in eye makeupvery common is not to use cream products or eyeshadows correctly and, inevitably, find them accumulated in the folds of the eye after a few hours. Starting with the cream eyeshadows, if you have an oily eyelid you have to degrease it well, so that there are no sebum residues. Then make sure that your eyeshadow is strong: not all cream eyeshadows are designed to be longlasting. If you want to try applying it without then using powder eyeshadows, don’t do it before an important appointment, so if the duration does not satisfy you, you will not risk finding yourself with a ruined makeup after a few hours. As for powder eyeshadows, however, most of the time they accumulate in the folds of the eye over the hours because you don’t use the primer. The primer is a product that evens the eyelid and prepares it for the application of eye shadows, making them with a much more intense color but above all increasing their duration. If you want, you can also use a long-lasting cream eyeshadow, for example if you want to make smokey eyes, and then dab and blend it with tone-on-tone eyeshadows.Saggio says: no to metallic eyeshadows on fixed eyelids
To get an everyday makeup, metallic eyeshadows should be avoided on the fixed eyelid. Not because there is nothing wrong with it if you like the effect, but because this takes away the three-dimensionality of the makeup, instead of giving it intensity. Everything that is metallic and luminous, in fact, has the optical effect of “bringing forward” that area (in fact we apply the highlighter on the cheekbones to make them more prominent!). It therefore doesn’t make much sense to apply a metallic eyeshadow in the crease of the eye, an area where you usually tend to look for definition and greater intensity.
If you like the effect, apply a bit of light and bright eyeshadow on the browbone to create a highlight, but avoid it if you have protruding bone in that area. In any case, if you really love metallic eyeshadows, then better make an eye make-up with a single metallic color, to be applied over the entire eyelid, remembering to blend the edges of the make-up well with a blending brush. Apply the eyeshadow with your fingers on the mobile eyelid and then blend it outwards, so as not to create a stain and a too heavy effect on the eye. Once blended, apply a little again to the center of the eyelid to make it even brighter. No to too dark eyeshadows if you have sunken eyes
By the same principle we saw before, if the light emphasizes and brings out, the dark does the opposite. In fact, under the cheekbones we create shadows with a darker color than our complexion, just to make them more evident. If you have sunken eyes, so that they tend to be slightly inside the eye bone, it is better to avoid dark and opaque smokey eyes and shades such as black, anthracite gray, dark blue or dark brown, because they would tend to emphasize this even more. characteristic. This does not mean that you cannot or should not use dark colors: create smokey eyes but apply a metallic color in the center, so that the effect is rebalanced, or concentrate the dark color only towards the outside, to create a makeup to lengthen the eye.Stop mistreating your eyebrows, which are fundamental in makeup
Eyebrows are an integral part of makeup but even before our face. In fact, their shape is capable of modifying our expression, have you ever
noticed Straight eyebrows give a slightly strange and not very expressive air, very inclined eyebrows give the idea of ​​an angry person while if you bring them very down on the outside the gaze will immediately seem sad. That’s why you shouldn’t mistreat your brows and make them too thin with tweezers, creating asymmetries and holes. If you don’t like the shape, go to the beautician to find together the best solution for you and your face.
Also remember, when you do your make-up, to always comb them, if you don’t want to be filling them with a pencil or a suitable product. A transparent gel with which to comb them outwards will be enough to immediately open your eyes or, if you have some holes, a colored eyebrow gel can be for you. If, on the other hand, you love natural but more defined eyebrows, the ideal is an eyebrow marker with which to draw the hairs, if you want a more marked effect, better an eyebrow pomade or a pencil, pay attention only to the color and not to darken them too much. Don’t apply too much concealer under the eyes or on pimples
Dark circles and pimples, two dilemmas to be solved with makeup … but don’t overdo it! We tend to think that, to cover, you need a lot of product but there is nothing more wrong. Doing so, instead, will create an accumulation of product that will make dark circles and imperfections much more visible. On the eye contour, in fact, if you apply too much product you will notice the natural folds and above all the area will seem thick and heavy. On the pimples, on the other hand, which have a higher temperature and often the area is warmer, too much product could melt and above all make skin and scabs even more evident.
It is therefore important first of all to choose the right product and, often, the corrector for dark circles is different from that for imperfections. On dark circles, it is better to prefer light, elastic and moisturizing but very opaque formulas and slightly more orange or yellow shades, to better mask the colored and dark part of the eye. On the imperfections, on the other hand, denser, full-bodied and covering textures are better, to be applied in very small quantities and only on the pimple or the speck, and then dab to spread the product in the surrounding area and then proceed with the foundation. If you use the lip pencil, here’s how not to make a mistake in choosing
If you like to get a fuller and more volumized lip effect without fillers, you will know that the pencil is a great ally. It allows you to contour the lips slightly out of the edges, but be careful to choose the right color. In fact, there must not be too much detachment with the lipstick that you are going to apply, otherwise the effect will be strange and not very harmonious. Choose a pencil equal to the lipstick or a maximum of a couple of shades darker, if you want an ombre lip effect. Remember, after applying it, to blend it well inwards with your fingertip so that the nuance is gradual. Before makeup, pay attention to the face base
Never wear makeup without a good foundation underneath. The moisturizer is very important before makeup as well as a real skincare routine, morning and evening. On untreated skin even the best of makeup will be full of imperfections and inaccuracies, and it is completely normal. On dry skin you will notice the cuticles and chapped areas, on an oily skin the make-up will tend to last very little and the foundation to melt and separate. Perform a correct skincare routine in the morning and a skincare routine also in the evening (very important to remove make-up!) And you will also see how it will be easier to put on make-up and get a good result.

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