How to make up your eyes if you wear glasses Taking it for granted that the same make-up is good for those who wear lenses and those who don’t is a small error of judgment not to be made.
In addition to the more or less thick frame, even the lenses of the glasses themselves can change the perception of make-up and for this reason it is good to know some little tips on the subject.
We have tried to collect 8 tips for a perfect make-up for those who wear glasses.

  • Illuminate with the concealer
  • Eyebrows
  • Don’t forget the mascara
  • Lipstick
  • Eyeliner: yes or no
  • Focus on colors
  • How to wear makeup if you are nearsighted
  • How to wear makeup if you are astigmatic (but also long-sighted and farsighted)

Illuminate with the corrector Corrector yes, but how to put it
Those who wear glasses must remember that in addition to hiding the natural shadows of the face around the eyes , such as dark circles and bags. In fact, it is good to apply an illuminating concealer to the sides of the nose (wings) thus adding light to an area where the frame of the glasses could create darker and shaded areas.
Don’t forget to use colored correctors to mask dark circles which, with glasses, tend to be even more evident and, to give light, always add a touch of brighter and clearer concelaer only in the inner corner. Eyebrows
Determining the right eyebrow shape for each type of face is already very important and it is even more so when wearing eyeglasses. The eyebrows, in fact, frame the look and make the face harmonious. Fill them with a powder, pencil or brow marker with a fine and precise tip. Yes in short and precise strokes that follow the shape of the eyebrows thus filling them and defining their shape. Avoid excessively dark colors, even if you have black hair, and avoid too thick and punchy strokes.
If your brows are already on-point naturally (which will be the envy of many) comb them up and pin themwith a gel, a soap browser or a light coat of hairspray on a clean brush. In this way you will go to discipline them, improving their shape and structure. Do not forget mascara Obviously mascara
cannot and must not be missing in eye makeup, even for those who wear prescription glasses. Yes to black, but also to colored ones to pass one or more times. Better to avoid lengthening formulas which, given their function, could cause the lashes to blink against the lenses, creating a lot of discomfort.
Yes also to waterproof formulas that have greater structure and allow you to better volumize the lashes and, in the meantime, resist even the most extreme situations.
Do not forget the eyelash curler, to always use before mascara, to lift the lashes and open the eyes even more so that they will become visible and wide under the lenses and the frame, whether thin or important. Lipstick
If the eyes inevitably tend to overshadow the frame and lenses, the same is not true for the lips . Lipsticks, lipsticks, lipsgloss, lipbalm and more : the attention on the lips is at the maximum and for this reason it is good to keep them hydrated so that the unsightly cuticles caused by the dryness of the mucous membranes do not form.
At this point it’s all up to you and your desire for colors and to experiment with these: red, burgundy, fuchsia and coral. The more intense and vibrant they are, the more your lips will take priority in your make-up look. Eyeliner: yes or no
If for you make-up always means eyeliner and you are afraid of having to give it up because of glasses, do not worry because you absolutely will not have to give up the graphic line on the eyes .
Whether made with a chromographic pencil or an eyeliner, black or colorful, this make-up is super promoted when wearing prescription glasses. The line, in fact, will bring attention to the eyes making them even more visible and in contrast with the frame. Focus on colors
Nudes are always a certainty, but sometimes colorsthey can be of great help especially for those who wear glasses. To give even more prominence to the eyes, which risk hiding behind the lenses, do not disdain colored eyeshadows and try to use bright and non-opaque shades that will bring even more light towards your eyes making it stand out under the frame.
Do not be afraid and try, choosing shades that can highlight the color of your eyes: for example purple and burgundy for the green and blue iris and blue for those with brown and brown eyes . How to wear makeup if you are nearsighted
If you wear glasses because of nearsightedness, a disorder that makes distance vision difficult, you should know that lenses designed to correct this visual defect make the eyes smaller . For this reason it is good to try to enlarge the look and, to do so, it is better to avoid dark colors and prefer lighter and brighter shades that will attract light. How to wear make-up if you are astigmatic (but also presbyopic and farsighted)
Who suffers from astigmatism, that is, has an unclear and distorted vision both from far and near, on the contrary can take advantage of darker and intense colors since, the lenses to correct this defect , they tend to make the eyes wider and larger . Yes to smokey eyes with intense browns, blacks and blues.

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