Madagascar is an island state off the South West African coast, specifically in the Indian Ocean. Its territory has a long history behind it. It was in fact part of the supercontinent Gondwana, bordering to the west with Africa and to the east with India. The consequent detachment has created this large island which includes many other smaller islands. Today Madagascar is a beautiful territory made up of paradisiacal beaches, a great coral reef, parks and natural forests in which the most varied animal species live.

Travel informed: useful information

  • Inhabitants : about 26 million
  • Capital : Antananarivo
  • Languages : Malagasy – French
  • Local currency: Malagasy Ariary (MGA), € 1.00 corresponds to 4,100 MGA.
  • Time Zone : GMT + 3 (1 hour ahead of Italy)
  • Vaccinations : No vaccination required for tourists from Italy, but the yellow fever vaccination certificate is mandatory for travelers from countries at risk (particular areas of Africa).
  • Entry requirements : passport with at least 90 days remaining validity and return ticket. Upon entry, a tourist visa valid for 30 days is issued at a cost of € 20.00 (extendable to 90 days by paying € 60.00).
  • Distance from Italy : about 7,604 km (9 hours of flight)
  • Information on security : thefts and robberies to the detriment of tourists are frequent, it is recommended not to walk alone in peripheral places or during the night. For more info, visit the Madagascar section on the Farnesina website
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Where it is located
As already mentioned, Madagascar is a state belonging to the African continent. It is located in the southern hemisphere, precisely south-west of the African coast . Although it is very far from Italy it is not difficult to reach it, thanks to the many connections, some even direct. Let’s see in detail which airlines travel from Italy and Europe.

How to get there and how to move
Neos Air direct flights depart from Italy. The other airlines have 1 or even 2 stopovers, mainly in Amsterdam, Paris, Addis Ababa and Nairobi. From Amsterdam it is about 8 hours by flight, while from Addis Ababa and Nairobi 5 hours.
Flights to Antananarivo from € 511.39 – Flights to Nosy Be from € 599.38.
As for travel within the country , the quality of the means of transport is highly questionable, as many arrive from Europe or the United States as used vehicles and, therefore, are old and run down. Furthermore, since the cost of fuel is very high, it is not recommended to rent your own car . For all these reasons, the best way to get around is with collective taxis or better still through organized tours with transfers included .

When to go
Info on climate and best period

Month Average temp. (Min / max) Prev. North coast (Antsiranana, Nosy Be) Prev. West coast (Morondava) Prev. East coast (Tomasina) Jan 22/30 ° 16 days / 340 mm 15 days / 300 mm 23 days / 410 mm
Feb 22/31° 15 gg / 305 mm 13 gg / 280 mm 20 gg / 380 mm
Mar 22/30° 12 gg / 180 mm 9 gg / 150 mm 24 gg / 480 mm
Apr 21/30° 6 gg / 50 mm 4 gg / 50 mm 21 gg / 325 mm
Mag 19/28° 4 gg / 15 mm 2 gg / 30 mm 22 gg / 230 mm
Giu 19/27° 3 gg / 20 mm 2 gg / 20 mm 21 gg / 260 mm
Lug 18/26° 4 gg / 20 mm 2 gg / 20 mm 25 gg / 290 mm
Ago 19/27° 4 gg / 20 mm 2 gg / 20 mm 24 gg / 220 mm
Set 20/28° 2 gg / 10 mm 2 gg / 20 mm 19 gg / 120 mm
Ott 21/28° 3 gg / 15 mm 3 gg / 50 mm 18 gg / 135 mm
Nov 22/29° 5 gg / 55 mm 5 gg / 60 mm 17 gg / 170 mm
Dic 22/30° 10 gg / 170 mm 10 gg / 160 mm 21 gg / 355 mm

  • Climate : tropical in most of the country, sub-desert in the south and mild in the mountainous areas. The dry season lasts from April to October in most of the territory and does not affect the east coast where it rains all year round. Average temperatures fluctuate between 25 ° C and 30 ° C, while the sea temperature is always around 27/28 ° C – more info on climate and seasons in Madagascar
  • Best time: September and October are overall the best months to visit Madagascar avoiding cyclones, rains, excessive heat and cold at night. For a beach-only holiday, the right time is from mid-May to October.
  • Period to avoid : December to April is not a good period, as you could run into one of the many tropical cyclones that hit the country, especially in the south-east area.
  • How to dress and what to bring : considering the dry season, light, light and very comfortable clothes, mainly for the beach, together with closed shoes for excursions inside the island. In addition, it is advisable to bring a hat, sunscreen and long-sleeved, but still light, shirts with you for the evening.

Which island to go to

Madagascar includes several islands, among which are uninhabited islets and tourist islands . The main archipelago is located in the north-west and consists of 5 islands, 2 of which are uninhabited, of which the most known and visited island of Madagascar is part: Nosy Be .
On the east coast we find the second best known island in the country, namely Ile Sainte-Marie. Another island worth visiting is Nosy Iranja, further south of the Nosy Be Archipelago, much smaller than the others but also more natural and heavenly.

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  1. Nosy Be : is the most touristic island of Madagascar and the easiest to reach, thanks to its airport connected directly to Italy. This island has several accommodation facilities along its coasts that offer tourists the possibility of various excursions such as diving and safaris in nearby locations – more info on Nosy be – where it is, when to go, what to see
  2. Ile Sainte-Marie : It can be reached by boats or by internal Air Madagascar flights and is the island to choose if you are thinking of a holiday in a less frequented place than Nosy Be. Being on the east coast where unfortunately it rains frequently, if you want to go to this island, choose the period between September and December.
  3. Nosy Iranja : It is actually two islands, Nosy Iranja Be and Nosy Iranja Kely, which are joined by a thin strip of sand at low tide. This is the ideal place to spend a holiday in close contact with nature, among birds, turtles and coral reefs, fabulous beaches and lush vegetation. To arrive, accommodation facilities usually agree on a private transfer with their customers, otherwise the alternative is a boat from Nosy Be.

10 things to see: beaches and places of interest
Lokobe National Park, Chameleon

Lokobe National Park, Boa Constrictor

Lokobe National Park, Lemurs

Route Nationale 8, Baobab Avenue

Baobab Avenue, Madagascar

Village of Morondava, view of Baobab Avenue

Lemurs in the National Park of ‘Isalo

Natural pools in the Isalo

Whales National Park off Nosy Komba


  1. Antananarivo , the capital of Madagascar located on the central plateau. Here you will find palaces but also typical wooden houses, parks and royal tombs, and the unmissable Lake Anosy, known for its heart shape.
  2. Madirokely beach , the most beautiful of all Nosy be, with a long stretch of white sand, crystal clear and transparent sea, and a succession of palm trees.
  3. Lokobe Nature Reserve , a protected area on the island of Nosy Be, in a dense and humid forest made of typical trees of the area where you can admire lemurs, chameleons, geckos, snakes, and so on in their natural habitat.
  4. Route Nationale 8, Baobab Avenue , is a characteristic road that goes from the city of Morondava to Belon’i Tsiribihina, strictly unpaved and formed by a succession of baobabs that make it a real attraction to go through in complete tranquility to admire its beauty .
  5. Tsingy Rouge , a park that encloses natural reddish limestone formations. The formations, the bumpy road to reach them, and the surrounding landscapes will leave you speechless.
  6. Morondava , a small municipality, or rather a typical Malagasy village, located on the west coast of Madagascar, which offers the best excursions in the savannah among the large baobabs.
  7. Bay of Antsiranana , is a large natural inlet, which takes its name from the city of the same name, is located in the north of Madagascar and is made up of several coves. Offshore stands the island of Pan di Zucchero, an uninhabited islet considered sacred by the population.
  8. Isalo National Park , a large natural park surrounded by rock formations and vegetation. Inside there is no shortage of wildlife, canyons and natural pools.
  9. Nosy Komba , is a small vucanic island belonging to the Nosy Be archipelago. This island is also called the island of lemurs and is considered a small earthly paradise due to its stretches of white sand and its varied fauna. The only way to reach it is the pirogue, the typical boat of Madagascar.
  10. Isla Lava , a small island in the north-west, on which there are only 3 villages. If you are a lover of local cultures and traditions, it is worth visiting this island, on which you will be able to come into close contact with the inhabitants.

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What to do in Madagascar: excursions and tours

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How much does a holiday in Madagascar cost
Prices, offers and advice

Let’s see now how much one costs holiday in these wonderful places taking as reference the high season, from December to March.

On average a round trip flight to the capital Antananarivo costs € 550.00, while to reach Nosy Be directly, prices are around € 700.00 .
As for accommodation, if you are a complete package tourist, you should know that to stay in a Nosy Be resort during the high season you will need at least € 3,000.00, if instead you are more do-it-yourself travel then consult our offers.
Finally, on site you will spend very little considering the low cost of living in Madagascar : € 500.00 or even less will be enough to pay for food, entertainment, excursions and various activities.

  • Where to sleep: Hotel and resort in Antananarivo from € 41.18 per room – Hotel and resort in Nosy Be from € 38.18 per room
  • Low cost flights: Flights to Antananarivo from € 511.39 – Flights to Nosy from € 599.38.
  • Custom quote : click here to request a custom quote

Various costs and cost of living

  • Espresso coffee: from 2,100 ariary (€ 0.51) in less touristy areas to 3,300 ariary (€ 0.81) in tourist areas;
  • Local beer (0.50 lt) : from 2,500 ariary (€ 0.61) in less touristy areas to 2,700 ariary (€ 0.66) in tourist areas;
  • Fish dinner by the sea for 2 : from 30,000 ariary (€ 7.20) in less touristy areas to 50,000 ariary (€ 12.00) in tourist areas;
  • Packet of cigarettes : from 3,500 ariary (€ 0.85) in less touristy areas to 7,200 ariary (€ 1.80) in tourist areas;
  • Tourist rental : 1 week in high season (September-October) from € 144.00

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