Practical, resistant, functional, but also (and above all) consistent with the type of space that the outdoor lights must illuminate, they are an inevitable complement that should never be missing on terraces, gardens and, why not, balconies. To be studied according to the needs and style of outdoor furniture that has been decided to give, they can restore a great atmosphere and really change the appearance of an environment, a bit like indoor lighting systems. But what are the characteristics that these lamps must have and what are the trends of this 2020 to illuminate our outdoor environments Functionality first and foremost
The external environments are considered an integral part of the house, and by now there is no doubt, that they must be furnished and equipped with the utmost attention. Even with regard to lighting, this must therefore be studied in detail. Whether it is large terraces, balconies, gardens, or even just parts of these, outside, rather than inside, the light must be calibrated with studied and different light sources, both in terms of structure and intensity. The light must, in fact, be intense but not invasive, with attention to detail, but at the same time balanced to the area it is going to illuminate. Paths, stairs, entrance areas, pool edges … they must, for example, be illuminated sufficiently and in a timely manner with lamps – or depending on the size of the space with real recessed lighting systems – that meet real needs and guarantee maximum safety as well as all the necessary light. The understanding and a priori study of what is needed, and which areas to be illuminated, will therefore be the fundamental approach to be taken in order not to under-size or on the contrary not to exaggerate and balance the lighting design of the outdoor areas on the basis of specific needs.The inevitable atmosphere
Functional light that performs, in a timely manner, a precise function, as in the previous examples, but also mood light. Whether it is parts of terraces, dining areas or simple conversation and relaxation corners, these will in fact be illuminated with clear, but softer lighting. In these cases the lamps will not only have to illuminate, but will also have the important role of creating atmosphere. This kind of lighting can be entrusted to more practical solutions such as: small point lamps, ceiling or table, but also fun chains of lights and rechargeable wireless bulbs or lanterns (many now have USB sockets that make charging extremely easy and durable. ), easy to manage and perfect for creating the right atmosphere on time. Solutions that in addition to the main function:Quality and trend
When we talk about outdoor lights, a bit like when we talk about outdoor furniture, the word quality plays a fundamental role. Focusing on elements made with materials suitably designed for outdoor use will in fact make the difference. Today the market offers an infinite number of solutions, also for what concerns the lighting, designed precisely for this use. Whether it is brass, steel, aluminum, marble or the very popular plastic components such as methacrylate or ABS, what matters is that these are treated and made suitable for outdoor use, in this way you will have a guarantee over time. and a durability of the lamp or lighting system. And if as regards the light source the password is one and only one: LED, for what concerns the style and the trends for this 2020 the field is really wide. They range from extremely minimal and essential light points, easily camouflaged with nature and with the context, to richer and more scenographic solutions, but there is no shortage of small lamps that are perfect for bringing the “right” light to the table of a romantic dinner.
Light points from different materials, perfect lighting solutions to create atmosphere, functional systems that integrate with nature and take inspiration from it, the world of outdoor lighting now offers a wider universe of solutions. Combinations, for all styles and for all budgets, easy to manage and to adapt to different uses that can truly make even a small city balcony magical.
Claudia Schiera

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