When summer approaches, the set-up begins to be great . Whether applying beauty tricks to have perfect skin or betting on the tricks recommended by hairdressers to take care of hair in summer, the goal is always the same. Be comfortable with our physical appearance and hide those aspects that we dislike a little about our physical appearance.
Despite the fact that one of the main concerns when summer arrives is getting a tan while sunbathing and preventing skin risks, there are other issues that also concern most of us. Especially after spending the whole year in the gym, butThe most fashionable anti-cellulite and fat-reducing treatment of the summer has come to help us.
Despite exercising regularly, leading a healthy life and having an enviable guy, there are many women who see how certain areas of their body do not eliminate the localized fat that they have worked so hard to reduce. Not to mention cellulite , which despite drinking enough water, following a healthy diet and exercising, seems to never want to leave us.
To help reduce that localized fat and reduce cellulite , Hedonai beauty centers have just incorporated LPG endermologie into their usual aesthetic treatments., a non-invasive and firming procedure to eliminate attached fat in the body (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) and all the most rebellious adipose tissues, especially cellulite , both soft and hard. That makes it the most fashionable anti-cellulite and slimming treatment of the summer.
The LPG endermologie treatment applied in Hedonai beauty centers is a body remodeling procedure that originated in France in the late 1980s. It is a technique that is carried out using a head device with mechanical rollers.that cover the areas to be treated, so it is non-invasive and painless, being suitable for everyone and without contraindications (pregnant women can also use it, especially in order to reduce leg discomfort during pregnancy).
The procedure is 100% mechanical , being its base that of a much deeper and more effective massage whose results are the reduction of localized fat, the smoothing of cellulite and the toning of the skin . A three-in-one treatment whose benefits go far beyond the simple aesthetic appearance.

What does the LPG treatment consist

Through a system of rollers, an area of ​​the body is selectively stimulatedwhere the fat has accumulated. This system helps improve circulation so, in addition to the visual results, it helps mitigate the tired legs effect that most women suffer from (either from sitting too long or just the opposite).
The treatment, for which elite athletes bet when it comes to treating injuries or people with circulation problems, is carried out in a total of approximately 10 sessions . In them, for a maximum duration of 40 minutes , the professional goes through the various areas of the body with the roller system, noticing the circulatory stimulation from the first moment.
Unlike a conventional massage (and this is what is really interesting about the LPG system), this technique couples the action of 2 rollers to a suction system, in such a way that it allows us to treat the connective tissue in all its breadth ; Superficial, medium and deep level. Conventional massage only reaches the most superficial levels.
Although it is a treatment whose effects are noticeable progressively (specialists recommend patience), from the first session some very interesting effects are already noticeable. In the first place, after the first session the legs are not so sore and the tired legs effect that we talked about at the beginning disappears. Secondly,The appearance of the skin looks much smoother . A single session already serves to verify that aesthetics and well-being always go hand in hand .

A system to reshape the figure in a non-invasive way

One of the aspects that causes us the most rejection when thinking about doing some aesthetic treatment is how invasive it can be. In that sense, the LPG that they apply in the Hedonai centers seems perfect to reshape the figure and take away that fear that invasive treatments cause us. We have already said that the procedure is mechanical , but its results are much more effective than a massage, since the roller system applies a force that hands can never apply.
Also,This system to reshape the figure is not painful at all , in fact, it leaves a quite pleasant feeling of relaxation . In this sense, we insist again, LPG is not only a beauty treatment because it helps us reshape the figure, it is a treatment that improves the well-being of our body .
You can achieve the desired figure with LPG endermologie, the new non-invasive treatment that Hedonai centers have incorporated and which is used to reduce attached fat in the body (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) and all the most rebellious adipose tissues, emphasizing in both soft and hard cellulite.

What is LPG treatment for
We said it at the beginning, there are areas that, despite dieting and constant daily exercise, do not lose volume or simply remain undissolved accumulations of fat. In this case, it is when we must resort to the LPG treatment that, in the case of women, is usually applied in the area of ​​the cartridge belts , and in the case of men, on the flanks. Despite this, the treatment can be applied to any area of ​​the body. In fact, this treatment is highly recommended to prevent facial aging (in a version of rollers designed for the face, of course).

Operation of the LPG endermologie : The system couples the action of 2 rollers to a suction system, in such a way that it allows ustreat the connective tissue in all its breadth ; superficial, medium and deep level, (unlike a conventional massage, which only reaches the most superficial levels).

What are the benefits of the LPG treatment

It increases the firmness of the tissue by increasing the number of fibroblasts (skin cells) and collagen.

Reorganizes the altered structure of the subcutaneous tissue , increases venous and lymphatic drainage.
Helps eliminate that fat that does not disappear and eliminates stubborn cellulite in any area of ​​your body.

It is compatible with daily life and painless . It allows you to combat orange peel skin, thanks to the fact that massages have an excellent effect on circulation.
Its anti-cellulite action: main effect of lipomassage, with the rollers it is sought to mobilize the fats in depth and that way the body can burn them and expel them more easily.
It has an anti-retention of liquids and draining action : it also promotes the expulsion of liquids and impurities.
It allows to achieve a more defined and slender silhouette, producing well-being and general improvement of the entire organism.

The treatment is personalized , adapted to the sensitivity of each client’s skin.

Improvement of soft and hard cellulite and the general appearance of the skin.

Duration of the sessions and prices of the treatment

The session lasts around 40 minutes(it is not necessary to invest more time, since each area of ​​the body has a limit after which it is no longer affected by stimulation) and it is very common to finish the treatment with 20 minutes of pressotherapy, allowing the process of liquid elimination to be accelerated .
The complete treatment consists of 12 sessions , but it depends on the person and type of foot, with the price of five sessions being 400 euros with a free mesh.

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