Today, more than in the past, finding solutions at a reduced cost has become a priority for many people. This premise is valid in various contexts and certainly low cost furniture is no less.
The alternatives are many, so the difficulty shifts to the stylistic choices and the ability to create a welcoming, graceful, elegant and above all balanced place . Yes, because often the enthusiasm of grasping an offer rather than creating something “new” and beautiful thanks to creative recycling can actually turn out to be a decision destined to lead to a disharmonious result.
In this article we want to share with you some ideas to enrich the apartment in a convenient, original and modern way, but be careful not to get carried away! Always pay attention to carefully choose what best fits your home context.
In this sense, to make it easier for you, we will deal exclusively with low-cost industrial and Nordic furniture : two particular, fascinating and trendy styles, for which you will be able to transform your apartment into a small (or large) gem, in able to arouse the envy of your friends. Why you like low-cost Nordic furniture Nordic
or Scandinavian design is certainly not new. We already liked it in the 1950s , when the first furnishings and accessories in this style arrived in Italy.
Not only pretty, these solutions were offered to the public at affordable prices, a factor that certainly did not go unnoticed and that led to the conquest of more and more favors.
The good quality-price ratio was accompanied (and so also today) by the idea that, by purchasing a low-cost Nordic piece of furniture, one acquired at the same time a part of the values ​​of Nordic culture , for example: simplicity and the purity of forms; attention to the quality and eco-sustainability of production; the contemporaneity of design. Low cost
industrial furniture We love the simple design of low cost industrial furniture , its beauty in imperfection, its ownbasically rock ‘n’ roll soul . It reminds us of America, the metropolises that never sleep, New York city and the charm of night and street life.
Unlike low-cost Nordic furniture, the industrial one has established itself more recently, representing a rather important departure from furniture standards.
There are many reinterpretations that have made this design more elegant and, at times, have almost distorted it, however the industrial style still remains firmly in line with its original values. Among them, also the desire to give life to an aesthetically chic space by using both cheap furniture and second-hand furnishing accessories , as well as DIY .Nordic low cost home decor ideas: reinventing frames and geometric elements
The minimalism of the Nordic style is essential to recognize the furnishings that are part of it.
Along this line, an interesting idea can be to take advantage of photo frames or old mirrors to embellish (without overloading) a wall, such as that of the bedroom or living room. Assuming that among the peculiar traits of the Scandinavian style he masters the choice of light colors and white , an original and graceful thought could be to paint empty frames in the same color as the wall and hang them above the head of the bed, as well as above a white fireplace, enriching the environment in a candid and light way.
By choosing to buy online, you can find many bargains for low-cost Nordic furniture . Not only Ikea, therefore, but the entire network, within which you can find the best proposals for your home. Here, our advice is to identify, for example, furnishing accessories with geometric textures (which present themselves as one of the peculiarities of the Scandinavian style). We refer to any piece of furniture and object: whatever inspires you and is characterized by the presence of geometric elements and pastel colors, be it rugs, cushions, cabinets or tables for the living room . Low cost industrial home decor ideas: recycle materials and exposed bricks
Representatives of low cost industrial furniture are undoubtedly materials such as metal and wood.
To create a great piece of furniture, it is therefore possible to use recycled materials , perfect for creating accessories such as the headboard or cabinets for the living room. In this sense, wooden pallets are now a consolidated trend and lend themselves to the most varied uses, returning results with a contemporary, sustainable and environmentally friendly taste, at a decidedly affordable price.
Alternatively, wandering through the flea markets it is possible to buy old furniture at an advantageous cost and perfect to fit into the home environment designed in an industrial style.
For example, if you lack a foothold in the room, the choice of a coffee table in raw wood with a vintage flavor is certainly indicated to attract attention and give character to the environment. If you want to perfect everything, you just need to buy and install industrial-type metal wheels (which you can also find on the Internet, at minimum prices).
You could also recover an old trunk and, with a little effort, restore it with the necessary treatments, being careful not to make it too “new”, to prevent it from losing its charm.
A further characteristic element of industrial furniture (low cost version, of course) is the presence of exposed bricks. In this sense, there are different solutions to insert them when, as in most apartments, they were not already present in the house. In fact, on the market it is possible to buy fantastic stone effect wallpapers or, alternatively, porcelain stoneware panels with different textures, at a more than accessible cost. The result will be an original and rustic low-cost home furnishings, able to bring out the whole environment. Low cost furniture: experimenting with plays of light and color
In addition to what has been suggested so far, some interesting ideas for low cost furniture with bows involve the play of light and color .
A solution that certainly fits in with a view to saving in terms of lighting and the one that sees LEDs as protagonists . It is a tactical choice that during the purchase phase is not so cheap, however it represents a 100% convenient investment, as it allows you to illuminate the house, saving considerably from the energy point of view, consequently allowing you to reduce costs. Lamps, bulbs, floor lamps, spotlights … You are spoiled for choice and you can use them for any room in the house, changing the intensity and orientation of the light sources in such a way as to transform the appearance of each room.
Finally, a suggestion for low cost home furnishings concerns the play of colors. Without having to spend money to change furniture and accessories, you can in fact buy at a decidedly reduced price the paint of the colors you prefer and transform furniture, walls or other corners of the house , renewing the environment.
Have fun and let yourself be inspired by these low cost industrial or Nordic furniture ideas to transform your apartment, the result will be original and above all affordable!

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