Atresmedia is trying out a format that has been successful (and viral) in more than twenty countries and which, however, premieres on a secondary channel of the command, Neox, which was not exactly going through its best audience moment, with 1.8% which is more than 1 point from your highest monthly figures. The light-hearted channel of reruns of Big Bang, Friends, The Simpsons and Modern Family needed premiere content. Along with a grill now focused on the cinema on weekends, the Antena 3 company is experimenting with its own formats focused on young audiences like this Love Island that starts at nine at night.
In this reality show, ten young people settle in the Canary Islands willing to get to know each other and experience all possible adventures. The intimacies are left aside and it is distinguished from La isla de las tentaciones among other aspects, in addition to the tone, by the absence of previous commitments. They are ten singles looking for a love opportunity without giving up having fun and opt for the prize of 25,000 euros.The opportunity is also for Cristina Pedroche.
The Vallecana is once again the face of a program run by her while for a few weeks she will be away from the Zapeando table, a daily collaboration that comfortably allows her to continue looking like one of the reference faces of Atresmedia. Despite the expected appearance of her every New Year’s Eve, Pedroche has had no luck when she has stood alone in front of the screen. Now she will try it from the Canary Islands in this space of love and pelvis that will be released simultaneously this Sunday also by Nova and Mega .
The format, where those who do not have a partner are left out, is produced by Boomerang(La Voz and La Templanza has just premiered with Buendia Estudios on Amazon), receiving the license from the benchmark firm in terms of Atresmedia contests, the British ITVStudios, in charge of Pasapalabra.

Love Island was not part of the general philosophy of Antena 3 or La Sexta, so an alternative option was required and the destination was Neox. In addition to animating a ‘minor’ channel, Atresmedia achieves with the confidence towards this format that it does not end up in the competition . Love Island would quickly identify itself with the typical contents of Mediaset.
In addition to feeding the Neox online grill daily at nine o’clock at night, Love Island will seduce its viewers in Atresplayer Premium and in the interaction on the networks, with videos and moments of what is going to happen in the luxury complex where the ten participants, handsome, statuesque and muscular, will give rein to a coexistence that aims to be more humorous than morbid.Love Island tests a style in itself.

The contestants of ‘Love Island’
Of the eight thousand candidates, these ten participants have finished in the Canarian town of ‘Love Island’. The participants are Adele, Italian in Tenerife, 20 years old, shop assistant. Bea, a 29-year-old from Barcelona, ​​Mago Pop’s assistant; Jose, a 30-year-old from Madrid, technical architect and opponent of a firefighter who describes himself as a born seducer.

Moure, 28 years old, from Madrid who now lives in Granada because he is a sprinter and dreams of being an Olympian. Find a woman who knows how to braid.

Jesus, from Malaga, the Andalusian representative, is 28 years old, is a secretary of a dental clinic and an aspiring actor.
There are also Celia, a 26-year-old Valencian nurse who lives in Madrid; Carla, from Tenerife, 26 years old, and who is a commercial agent; Fiona, 29 years old, Basque teacher of Irish descent. Saul, pamplones, 27 years old, personal trainer. And Miguel, 24-year-old corunes, electrician and nutrition student

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