Through this innovative service, people can win a house that is totally ready to move into.
Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a great impact on society as a whole, since it has directly affected the pockets of most people. In other words, consumption levels have been reduced significantly. For example, buying a home has become a very difficult operation, although luckily, a new home lottery service has appeared on the market .
And it is that recently, the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling -dependent on the Ministry of Consumption- authorized the launch of a housing lottery service, which has been created by the company Lottofy House SL. Thanks to this innovative online platform, people can easily win a house, without having to make a large financial outlay.
To participate in this flat draw and get the prize, you just have to buy a ticket worth 5 euros, that is, it is not necessary to buy more than one ticket to win the house. Of course, the more tickets, the more chances there will be of getting it. Without a doubt, an excellent option when it comes to obtaining a new home in perfect condition, since the properties offered by Lottofy are ready to move into.

What exactly is Lottofy

As previously mentioned, Lottofy is a new flat draw service, through which it is possible to win a home legally. And it is that all operations comply with current legal regulations, which is why it has been authorized by the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling. This means that Lottofy meets all the requirements established by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.
It is the first time that the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling has given the green light to an online housing lottery service in our country, however, this practice is quite common in other European nations such as the United Kingdom. Therefore, Lottofy is presented as a novel service in Spain, since house raffles have never been authorized through the Internet before.

So, is a draw reliable

Although a priori, the idea ofWinning a house through a draw can cause some concern, the truth is that the Lottofy service is totally reliable. And it is that as has been mentioned before, this company with 100% Spanish capital has received authorization from the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling, so the draw system is completely rigorous and safe.
In a nutshell, Lottofy offers a reliable draw service, so people need not fear anything when it comes to participating. All Lottofy draws are carried out before a notary, so the level of transparency is maximum. For this reason, it is necessary to move away from the prejudices related to the draws, since Lottofy has created a service that meets all the requirements established by Spanish law.
A 100% reliable service that does not hide any small print, since all the people who participate can get the house. As easy as buying a €5 ticket and waiting for the result of the draw, since the participants do not have to take any extra action. To obtain more information about the legal terms of the draw, it is best to visit the official Lottofy website.

How does the Lottofy draw work

After what has been explained in the previous sections, you are probably wondering how the Lottofy draw works, since through this service, anyone can easily win a home. First of all, it should be noted that all the properties offered by Lottofy have passed a review process, so they are in perfect condition to start a new life.
In addition, unlike what is usual, Lottofy is in charge of paying almost all the taxes that the winner of the contest faces, so that people only have to buy a €5 ticket -you can buy up to 1,000- and wait for the drawing to take place -the date is published on the web-. For these reasons, has become the best option to win a new house .

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