Lorella Boccia has recently become the mother of little Luce Althea, the baby who was expecting her husband Niccolo Presta. Her joy could not be greater: she wanted to share it on Instagram with her fans, revealing some small details of the birth and thanking everyone for the warmth she showed in the last few days. Lorella Boccia, the first words after giving birth
On October 20, 2021, the eldest daughter of Lorella Boccia and Niccolo Presta arrived, a beautiful little girl that mum and dad wanted to call Luce Althea – a splendid name, which the new parents only revealed at the moment of birth. A simple photo of her ballerina in her hospital bed, hugging her husband, announced the happy event. And we had to wait a few hours for further updates. On the other hand, Lorella definitely had better things to do. Now, between her Instagram stories of her she has broken the silence , telling with very few words of her the great emotion of her.
“Sorry I’m late but, as you can imagine, it has been a very busy day”- admitted Boccia, still in the clinic. And she, speaking of the birth, she revealed: “We are fine, it was a long enough labor, but everything went well.” In the background, the tender little voice of the child, as if to greet her fans too. Lorella then thanked her followers for being close to her in this moment of joy: “Thank you all for the messages, for all the love you are giving us , and truly beautiful. You feel this support, and it is wonderful ”.
To caption the short video that the dancer wanted to record for the fans, you can read some other small details: “We are living a dream… We have not yet fully realized and it will probably be like that for a few days (maybe more)” – wrote Lorella Boccia – “You made me feel so loved and I thank you for it. Now I’m going to pamper my greatest masterpiece “. For the moment, the two new parents have decided to protect the privacy of their daughter and not to show it publicly. No social photos for her, just lots of memories to keep in the family album. Lorella Boccia, best wishes from Paola Perego
A few hours after the birth of Luce Althea, many wishes have arrived for the happy event. The message from Paola Perego, who has just become an encore grandmother, could not be missing, who wanted to express all her happiness on Instagram. On the other hand, already very much in love with her first grandson Pietro (had by her daughter Giulia, who is pregnant again), the presenter can’t wait to hold the latest arrival in the family in her arms .
Her congratulations on Lorella and Niccolo Presta are also a sign that something has melted in their relationship. It has never been a secret that between Lucio Presta’s son and Perego (the agent’s third wife) there is no good blood, so much so that Paola did not participate in her marriage to Boccia in 2019. Perhaps the birth of her granddaughterand what served to ease tensions in the family and to allow that rapprochement that had so far only been hoped for.

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