The Flores clan will meet this Saturday in the Cadiz town of Vejer de la Frontera for the wedding of Elena Furiase, Lolita’s eldest daughter.The actress will marry her partner and father of her son Noah, Gonzalo Sierra, at noon at Finca Dehesa Montenmedio . The invitation will last, predictably, until dawn.
The couple has been waiting for a year and a halfthis day. The pandemic has meant that the couple has had to postpone the ceremony on several occasions. However, the long-awaited moment has arrived. A day that the actress and the musician, five years younger than her, will not forget and with which they will put the finishing touch to her love story.
The daughter of Lolita and Guillermo Furiase and Gonzalo Sierra met almost four years ago.His was a crush and, even before knowing that the actress had a boyfriend, the news of the pregnancy arrived.Their first date was thanks to Elena’s brother, Guillermo Furiase Jr, and for a few months they tried to keep their story as discreet as possible. They succeeded until the news leaked that Lola Flores’s granddaughter was expecting her first child,Noah, who will blow out the candles for his third birthday on the 12th and who will attend his parents’ wedding this Saturday will have a very special role.
Elena Furiase’s surprise pregnancy was an informative bombshell that caught even the future grandmother herself by surprise. From that moment on, Gonzalo ceased to be an anonymous person to become part of one of the most famous and important sagas of artists on the national scene. The bass player in the band of Lolita’s youngest son, Guillermo, comes from a wealthy family -he is the son of a journalist and an architect- and a resident of the exclusive neighborhood of La Moraleja, that is, he was a neighbor of the Flores.
However, he has always shunned luxury and the press. He loves getting lost in nature, he is an environmentalist, a lover of sports such as snowboarding, surfing or skating, and travel. In addition to music, cinema is also his passion and he has worked hand in hand with several independent production companies. The instability of the environment and the lack of roles that Furiase has had in recent years made the couple decide to reinvent themselves and open their own business after the birth of their son. Thus, a few years ago, the man from Madrid opened a shop for motorcyclists, another of his hobbies.

Elena and Gonzalo had planned to get married in the spring of 2020. But the confinement and the pandemic ended up truncating their plans.The couple did not think that the situation would last so long and, as they wanted their link not to be marked by restrictions, they have decided to wait until now. Your wedding will be intimate and will take place in Vejer de la Frontera, homeland of La Faraona.
Only the couple’s closest entourage will attend her, although the day will bring numerous surprises that the bride and groom have managed to keep secret. The celebration will be at Finca Dehesa Montenmedio, one of the largest complexes in Europe whose facilities include everything from a hotel built in the middle of nature to a golf course.
The bride has kept the secret about her dress, but if she has commented that it will be something “very simple”and according to your personality. The guests have been asked to come dressed in light colors and they have also been asked to leave their cell phones out of the celebration.
The couple has arranged an exclusive report and they do not want there to be leaks on social networks. Hence the secrecy around the details of the celebration that has been maintained in recent months.

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