The rugs for the living room are design objects that make the environment refined, but also functional. On the market there is a wide selection of high quality rugs that enrich the domestic spaces and respond to the most diverse tastes and needs. The carpets for the living room combine functionality and elegance. They are important furnishing accessories for those who want to make their living room warm and welcoming, but always refined. In fact, the living room is the most loved room in the house. Here you watch TV in company, read and find moments of relaxation. The living room is also the space where friends and relatives are received, and its furniture determines the first visual impact with the interior of the house.and essential to give elegance, warmth and comfort to the room intended for family and social relationships. The carpet is a real essential design element, which enriches any style of furniture and enhances any type of furniture. It is also very functional as it guarantees excellent thermal insulation to the room.
In this article we discover how to choose the right carpet to be placed in the living room, in front of or under the sofa, to arouse the admiration of guests, make the atmosphere intimate and the floor warm and more beautiful:

  • How to choose the size and location of the carpets for the living room
  • How to choose the color of a carpet
  • How to match the carpet in the living room on a light or dark floor
  • The perfect carpets for an attic
  • The carpets for the kitchen
  • The rugs for the bathroom
  • How to choose a Persian carpet
  • Large and small modern rugs for the living room and bedroom
  • Rugs for the classic or modern living room are style icons
  • Many carpets, all elegant
  • Designer rugs to furnish the living area with style
  • Carpets: many models to give personality and elegance to any room in the house

How to choose the size and placement of carpets for the living room
A carpet is exclusive when it is of the highest quality, made with precious yarns and wools, with an extraordinary wealth of details. Living room rugs with geometric designs, with damask, floral or pachtwork patterns, and vintage rugs with slightly faded and worn patterns tell a story built by the hands of skilled craftsmen who weave these timeless masterpieces over the course of many hours of work. The fabrics that cover the flooring contribute to making each living room one of a kind.
But how to choose the right carpet in the living room
Whether it is modern or classic, Persian or ethnic, every design carpetit must have the right size, it must adapt to the square footage of the room in which it is placed. A model that is too large would make the room smaller, while a model that is too small would not be appreciated in a very large living area. If the living room environment is very spacious, you can put more rugs in various parts of the setting to have an original but truly refined result.
The carpet in front of or under the sofa must always be bigger, it must exceed the perimeter of the sofa abundantly. To calculate the size of the carpet, you need to add 20 or 30 centimeters to the width and length of the sofa. In this way the fabric on the parquet or on the marble gives life to a harmonious overall image. A coffee table or a pouf can be added on top of the carpet.
The sofa with matching carpet is highlighted in the context of the living room furniture. Its beauty, the detail of its finishes, the shadow or light of its colors stand out. The result obtained is certainly of great visual impact. If the carpet is placed under the sofa, it is good that it is in a solid color. Living room rugs with geometric patterns and designs look best in front of the sofa. In fact, so they can be admired more easily. How to choose the color of a carpet
After choosing the size and location of the carpets for the living room, it is time to go into more detail about the characteristics of the fabric. The question to ask is this: how to choose the color of a carpet
The answer is implicit in the lines and shapes of the furniture in our home.
To understand how to choose the color of the living room carpet, it is necessary to ask first if we want it to capture the attention of guests or to blend harmoniously with the surrounding furniture. The fabric that dresses the stoneware, parquet or marble of our homes can become the center of the room; it can play the role of the eye-catcher, while any other piece of furniture is content to act as a pageboy, functional and comfortable, but in the background for the glance.
In the opposite situation, the carpets for the living roomthey take on a function of glue of the balance of the whole. In this second case, the chromatic notes of the carpet must be the same or similar to those present in the furniture. Tone-on-tone is a good choice to create a strong relationship between the carpets for the living room and all the furniture in the living room . The resulting sensation is that of an enveloping, warm space that promotes peace and tranquility.
If the carpet is to give liveliness to the environment, it must be the center of attention and be immediately noticed, then it is necessary to prefer patterns with chromatic notes in contrast with those prevailing in the furniture. The distinction between warm colors and cool colors is a factor to keep in mind. In fact, the former have a very different visual weight from the latter. Red, orange, yellow give energy and make their presence felt strongly.
On the contrary, gray, green and blue are discreet and promote a relaxing atmosphere. They give lightness to the spaces and if well arranged in the volumes available they allow you to visually enlarge the room. How to match the carpet in the living room on a light or dark floor
The carpets for the living room, as well as those for the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, have an almost two-dimensional habitat: the floor. A good carpet must always remain adherent to it, without causing tripping risks for the inhabitants of the house and for the guests. Therefore, an important question arises: how to match the carpet in the living room on a light or dark floor
A general rule applies to the heaviest colors: a carpet on a dark floor must be of a light shade in order to stand out and give light to the environment. On the contrary, the carpet in the living room on a light floorit can be dark only if the room is particularly bright. If the natural lighting of the living room is limited, even in the case of parquet or marble with a soft shade, it is good to prefer a light carpet. The perfect carpets for an attic
The attic is a very special living space. In fact, the walls of the attic are only partially exploitable because they are occupied by the slope of the roof. Thus the rooms of an attic are not all equal high, but in some points of the house the ceiling will be lower and inclined. This peculiarity of the attic makes its atmosphere characteristic, but it can penalize it in terms of brightness.
The carpets for an atticthey can help give more light to spaces. For the more limited sizes it is advisable to prefer light-colored rugs in solid colors, which reflect the light and are in harmony with furnishings with equally subtle shades. In the lucky case of a large open space attic where the light is not desired, it is possible to dare to bright and bright colors. The carpets for the kitchen
Even in the room dedicated to the preparation of dishes it is possible to insert fabrics that make the floor warmer and softer. The carpets for the kitchenthey are ideal when you have a separate space from the rest of the house, where you work on delicacies to offer to the whole family. They are often narrow and long to adapt to the shape of the room and run alongside the kitchen. It is important to place a carpet in front of the sink as it protects the floor from splashes of water or grease.
Kitchen rugs must be easily washable: synthetic or plastic or bamboo rugs are fine. The rugs for the bathroom
Bathroom rugs don’t just have an ornamental function. They are also practical, useful for very specific needs. In fact, they absorb the inevitable splashes of water on the floor near the sink, bathtub and shower. Also, bathroom rugs need to be non-slip to prevent nasty slips. How to choose a Persian carpet
There are precious objects, recognized by all as such. They are objects that give luster to the house that keeps them for their intrinsic value, which goes beyond the economic one. Persian rugs fall into this privileged category. They represent elegance, tradition, history and meticulously cared for craftsmanship. How to choose a Persian carpetsuitable for your living room
The art behind the making of Persian rugs is not simple. Knowing it well to distinguish between the different Persian rugs, among the numerous types in which they stand out, is not easy. It takes time and effort. However, there are some fundamental characteristics of large and small Persian rugs that can be recognized even with a little smattering.
A first aspect to consider when deciding to buy a Persian carpet is knotting . Persian rugs are made up of hundreds of thousands of knots, large ones as well as smaller ones. The denser the knots, the closer together, the greater the value of the carpet. In Persian carpets there are two types of knots: theTurkish knot and Persian knot .
The study of styles makes it possible to recognize the Persian carpets made in the city from those woven by tribes. Tribal rugs are generally used by clan members and are only sold in case of economic hardship. They are characterized by simpler, geometric designs, and are called by the name of the tribe that produced them, Bakhtiari, Baluchi or Afshar.
Large and small Persian carpetsproducts in the city are characterized by regular patterns, with repeating color schemes. Often the designs are floral themed, with intricate details, meticulously cared for. A Persian carpet is the result of a very demanding craftsmanship. A fast weaver capable of making a thousand knots in an hour. Consequently, it takes about eighteen months to complete the designs for a medium-sized rug. Large and small modern rugs for the living room and bedroom
The modern rugsthey are objects suitable to complete the furnishing of a living room in a minimalist, industrial style, inspired by the essential forms of contemporary design. There is a wide choice between different colors, warm and cold, bright or pastel, between different textures and more or less elaborate patterns.
Large modern rugs are perfect in combination with a three or four seater sofa, white or neutral in color. If the rug is framed by a corner sofa, colorful geometric designs or naturalistic patterns are a good choice and are best enhanced.
There are modern long-pile rugs and modern short-pile rugs. The distinction is given by the length of the fabric fibers that completely cover the carpet. In modern long-pile rugs, each fiber is longer than one and a half centimeters, measuring from the attachment to the backing material to the outer end. Modern short-pile rugs, on the other hand, have shorter filaments.
When choosing the most suitable modern rugs for the living room or bedroom for your home, it is necessary to consider that the long-haired models are softer, softer and warmer, but at the same time require a greater effort to be always kept clean and in order.
For those who want to make bold choices for the living room, the modern round rugsthey can be a good choice. An element of discontinuity is inserted into the room, a closed and curved shape that contrasts with the broken lines of traditional furniture. Attention is naturally captured by the modern round rugs, beautiful in bright colors that add liveliness to white or light neutral d├ęcor. The rugs for the classic or modern living room are style icons
The shape and style of the rug are chosen according to the type of furniture. There are models of various sizes, shapes and colors. Some are more classic, others have modern colors and shapes. They all have versatility in common. A classic rug can be perfectly inserted in a furniture with contemporary shapes to create a very refined contrast. Aminimal carpet with a modern style, with its pure and harmonious lines it can be inserted, instead, in a retro-toned furniture to create a delightful opposition of different tastes.
In a contemporary and essential style furniture with light and modern furniture, we can insert a precious carpet with sober and delicate lines, with neutral colors, in solid colors or with geometric designs and with a current design. On the other hand, if the furniture is in a classic style, the choice can fall on a carpet with a precious Persian, oriental style, which is ideal in environments with traditional furnishings and makes the solid wood floor exclusive. In this way the room will be aesthetically refined, but always warm and welcoming. Many carpets, all elegant
Between traditional and modern rugs, there are other types that adapt to more different styles. In fact, we have a wide selection of short-pile rugs that stand out for their beauty and ease of maintenance and cleaning. These are usually in solid colors, with soft colors, such as beige, gray or ivory and are inserted in classic environments, while for modern furnishings there are short-pile rugs in perfectly square geometric shapes and bright colors such as red, black or purple. Then there are rugs for the living room, kitchen or bedroom made of natural fibers and finally rugs with an ethnic style .
The ethnic-style fabrics intended to cover the floor have bright colors, abstract shapes, but they are real design objects. It is precisely these rugs that are often included in contemporary furnishings as they integrate perfectly into a style with sober and clear lines such as the minimal one, but at the same time they can be used in classic contexts to create original contrasts, always fashionable. Very popular and appreciated for their wonderful beauty are the carpets of Nepal and Tibet. They are made with soft and precious wool through a completely hand-made process. Designer rugs to furnish the living area with style
Choosing the right carpet to furnish the living room is of fundamental importance for the creation of a space with fascinating aesthetics. The carpets are able to furnish with style and can make the living room more welcoming and warm. On the market there is an infinite possibility of choice on a wide range of designer rugs in the most diverse styles and materials. How to orient yourself in the search
The first point to take into consideration is certainly the style of the living room, its conformation and above all the choice of the point where the carpet will be placed. Carpets: many models to give any room of the house personality and elegance
What criteria must be used for choosing a carpet for the living room
The most important and renowned interior designers affirm that the carpet should be the first element to choose when you have to furnish a space and based on its characteristics you can then proceed with the choice of the colors of the walls and with the furniture. The advice is always to refer to quality carpets created by reliable brands in the sector, to have important guarantees on the product such as: durability, design with attention to detail and resistance. The choice of this piece of furniture therefore depends on the type of furniture (where already present), on your preferences in terms of style and above all on your budget.

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